Girl Thinks Nair Is Shampoo…And We’re Dying With Laughter

Internet, we love you

My dearest Internet people, let me introduce you to the photo that will 100% always make me stop in my tracks and erupt into a fit of laughter. Trust me, you’ll thank me, especially on a blue, low day.

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Meet Kayla Connors. Her sister accidentally thought Nair was shampoo, and she then subsequently took the greatest photo to ever exist. After posting the photo of her sis on Twitter with the caption, “MY SISTER THOUGHT NAIR WAS SHAMPOO,” the tweet quickly went viral.

THAT FACE. It kills me every time. Might I suggest keeping it on your phone to send to your friends randomly? Anyway, as of writing this, the tweet has almost seventy thousand retweets and 74,431 likes.

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Here’s the thing though; part of the mean ole Internet is calling the sister out for a photoshopped photo. One Twitter user commented, “Such a horrendous Photoshop, look at the hairline,” while another thought it was a bald app. “Isn’t this just a bald app? The top left of her scalp looks glitched out,” she commented.

Whatever the answer, it still makes us laugh like we have a major case of the “cannot breath, may have a few snot bubbles giggles.” And isn’t that really what’s important? If it is real, good luck growing that hair back, and please remember SPF is your friend.

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