How To Plan The Best Graduation Party On A Budget

Memorable and affordable

Graduation day is almost here! Getting your diploma is quite an accomplishment. It’s your blood, sweat, and tears all wrapped in to one. With all those sleepless nights also comes your proudest achievements that can’t go unnoticed or not celebrated. So, it’s time to count your blessings, save up, and throw the most memorable and affordable gradation party that will start this new chapter in your life right.

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Budgeting – Not fun, but it’ll keep you in check 

First you need to come up with a budget game plan, so figure out how much in total you are willing to spend and make sure you save. Then you need to split your budget on food, drinks, decorations, location (or you can skip this one and throw your party at home – the best option btw), the graduation cake (duh), and your graduation outfit, of course.

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The more DIY the theme is, the better

Decide on a theme and make sure it is possible on your budget. It is important to note that your theme has to be DIY-able so that it stays affordable. Plus, adding your own unique twist makes it so much better. So start looking for ideas on Pinterest, start pinning away, and roll up those sleeves and get DIY-ing.

Coupons are your friends – scratch that they are your BEST friends 

Get couponing, and get couponing right now! The prices for graduation party food essentials tend to go up near graduation season so definitely plan ahead and get your coupon book ready to score some great deals on all the right food you need. Keep in mind how many guests you are looking to invite and just go from there.

Go all digital for invites 

There are so many free ways to invite your friends and family to your graduation party. There are fun websites like Punchbowl that gives you a virtual invitation that you can design and send out to your friends and family. There is also always Facebook, Whatsapp, and good old fashioned texting as a quick alternative.

Let them eat cake, inexpensive cake 

Your graduation cake is your tasty center piece that will set the tone of your graduation theme and, well, it can be pretty pricey. Don’t spend too much on your cake by looking for those hidden gem freelance cake artists. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, 5miles, or any service website. Also check your local grocery store’s bakery section for their prices or bake the cake yourself and stock up on Youtube videos for cake decorating.

Now that you have all of the budgeting tools you need, it’s time for one last homework assignment  – applying some real world budgeting into your life (but for a fun, debt free celebration of course). Your wallet and future self will thank you.