12 Group Halloween Costumes to Wear With Your Squad

These are spooktacular!

12 Group Halloween Costumes to Wear With Your Squad

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Halloween is always way more fun with friends. If you’re looking forward to hitting up some spooky Halloween parties with your squad this year, then you’ll obviously need a costume. Instead of trying to come up with the perfect look on your own, though, how about coming up with a group costume?

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Group costumes are not only super fun, but you and your gals are also bound to stand out big time from the crowd. Who can resist a ‘gram-worthy squad shot?

With the 31st around the corner, we’ve come up with a list of spooktacular squad costumes that you and your girls (and guys) might want to try. You’re sure to find something that everyone will love.


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1. Your fave superheroes

Whether you’re a Marvel or D.C. fan, it doesn’t matter. Superheroes come together on Halloween to look super amazing.


2. Cheerleaders from Bring It On

You’ll definitely be bringing it with this costume idea from the cheerleading flick.


3. The cast of Riverdale 

It’s your new fave show, and one of the best group costume ideas in a while.

You better be willing to go full dark, no stars. #Riverdale

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4. The witches from The Craft

It’s not only the perf movie to watch this time of year, it’s a perf costume choice for you and your own coven.

SQUAD 🖤🖤 // #thecraft #groupcostume #StrongerTogether #squad

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5. Spice Girls

The OG girl group and their ’90s style are more trendy than scary. Well, except for Scary Spice.


7. The girls of Mean Girls 

Halloween is THE holiday in Girl World, and also one of the best costumes for you and your girls.


8. The USA Olympic gymnastics team

Show off your badass selves with this inspiring costume idea. Dress up with your friends as your fave gold medal winners, and don’t forget the Olympic torch!


9. Your fave Disney princesses

Everyone has a favorite! Here’s your chance to spend one night as a princess — and hopefully you’ll get to stay out past midnight.


10. Scooby Doo gang

This is a rad group costume, but it also works really well as a couples costume if both you and your BFF are coupled up. Dog is optional.


11. Game of Thrones cast

If you have a large group of friends, or want to blend multiple circles together, then the gigantic cast of Game of Thrones is the perfect choice. Bonus points for the person who creates a dragon!


12. The girls from Heathers

Though not technically a Halloween movie, Heathers, which is arguably the OG Mean Girls, is still a chilling movie filled with memorable — and frightening — moments.


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