Guidance Returns, Are You Ready?

Guidance Season 2

The Guidance season 2 teaser trailer is finally here, and with season 2 comes 50 new episodes of a chilling school scandal. Let’s collect our facts:

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1. Chachi Gonzales is spotted making out with a blindfolded hottie

2. An anonymous guy in a suit and checkerboard vans is bleeding out onto the linoleum floor

3. A woman confidently states that she knows why a shooting happened

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4. Chachi Gonzales eats more granola bars than you


5. Arden Rose looks distressed in the fetal position

6. Diamond White gives the kind of look that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of

7. Keean Johnson looks like he knows what’s up

8. Keean Johnson is cooler than you

9. Keean Johnson definitely has better abs than you


10. Ben J Pierce seems to be in the right place at the right time (with his camera)

11. Leah Lewis is not scared to hit a girl

12. Someone “will pay”

13. Everybody is watching their backs

14. Relationships change?

I like my girls bbw #GuidanceShow #AwesomenessTv #NationalGirlfriendsDay

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15. Everybody is a suspect

16. We’re not looking at your typical counselor – student relationship

17. Phones are weapons

18. David Gridley has better biceps than you

I'm bigger. Right?

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19. Vlogs are forever

20. Teamwork is the answer

21. Everything will be ok

22. We’ve got 50 episodes coming your way on go90

Were doin it we're winning it all

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