5 Signs Your Guy Friend Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

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5 Signs Your Guy Friend Wants to Be Your Boyfriend


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You and your best guy friend share some majorly fun hangs, and lately you’ve been spending more time together than ever before. That’s probably because you two get along super great and he makes you LOL big time. Which is why your friends tease you about him crushing on you alllll the time. Of course you deny it, but you can’t help but wonder…does he want to be more than just friends? Does he actually want to be your…boyfriend?

The good news is that even though boys can be super confusing at times, figuring them out isn’t exactly rocket science. If you’re wondering whether your guy friend wants to be your boyfriend, look for these five signs.


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1. He Likes to Tease You

Teasing is just another form of flirting, and guys excel at it. Notice if he’s constantly poking fun at you (in a respectful manner, of course) and likes to get under your skin, while making you LOLZ. If he is, then he’s flirting with you, which means something else is definitely beneath the platonic surface.


2. His Body Language

Body language is huuuuge for relationships. So many things we aren’t communicating verbally comes out physically, whether we intend to or not. If your friend “accidentally” brushes up against you a lot or his fingers linger when he’s passing you a text book or he likes to get suuuuper close while watching a movie, then maybe he wants to touch you on purpose…as your boyfriend. Also if he’s giving you major eye contact — like that soul-searching, non-creepy eye contact? Yeah, he likes you. A lot.


3. He Does Things For You

Does your guy friend offer to give you rides to school everyday? Does he like doing other sweet gestures that he knows will make you happy like fixing your laptop or treating you to your fave ice cream? And do you notice that he puts YOU ahead of most things in his life, including his parents, bros and football? If you’ve answered YES, then he’s hoping for something more than just friends.


4.  He Treats You Differently

In a group of friends, especially with other girls, notice how your guy friend pays attention to you. While he’s definitely cool with others, you might be the only one he really talks to at a party. Or maybe he only hugs and teases you. If you feel like you’re “special,” then he probably feels the same way. Another huge hint? If your guy friend is still single, despite other girls showing interest in him. It might mean he’s waiting for you.


5. Your Gut Says So

If you have the sneaking suspicion that your guy friend want to be more than just friends, you’re probably right. If you feel his email, text messages and his IRL behavior are more romantic than platonic then trust your gut. Your guy friend most likely does want a relationship with you.

5 Signs Your Guy Friend Wants to Be Your Boyfriend: kimmy schmidt



Transitioning a friendship in a relationship can be an awesome thing. After all, a solid friendship is an amazing foundation for a relationship. If you share the same feelings, tell him you like him more than a friend and see what happens. If you’re not ready for anything more — or maybe you’re not into him like that — then that’s totally okay. Good friends can weather any storm — even crushes!