Guy Starts Crying When He Sees His Girl Dressed for Prom

These photos make us believe in true love

Anyone else get down just by scrolling through their newsfeeds these days? It’s been a tumultuous couple of months, and every once in a while, we could use a little pick me up. We’ve got just the thing to brighten your day and re-instill your faith in love. Let us introduce you to Devin and Nolanah. The two have been dating for three years now, and they’re about to make your day.

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The two, who would be attending Southside High School‘s prom together, just broke the Internet with a simple tweet. Devin patiently waited for Nolanah to get dressed for the big night, and when Nolanah made her big entrance, his reaction was priceless: he could not help but tear up with joy. Nolanah posted the pics of her bae’s genuine reaction, and the tweet quickly went viral.

As of writing this, the tweet currently has 130,520 likes and over 30,000 retweets. Here the two are enjoying the dance:

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Guys Starts Crying When He Sees His Girl Dressed for Prom: cute couple

Devin, my man, you have set the bar for great boyfriends very high, and we’re sure glad you did. Their sweet interaction that took Twitter by storm is a simple reminder that it’s the little things in life we should cherish. Sure, a limo and kylie lip kit may be fun (and expensive), but a guy by your side that truly loves and respects you? Well, that’s just priceless.

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