5 Signs He Wants to Be Instagram Official

Actions speak louder than words

5 Signs He Wants to Be Instagram Official


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Sometimes guys can be just as confusing and hard to figure out as a Rubik’s cube — especially when it comes to love. If you’ve recently started seeing a new crush, you might find yourself wondering whether he wants to keep things casual or wants to actually make things more official — like Instagram official. Like, you’re Selena and he’s the Weeknd. That kind of official. Though he might not be saying the actual words, your new bae is probably sending you signals about just how serious he is about your relationship.

To crack his code, watch for these five signs that your bae wants to be Instagram official — couple hashtag and all!


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1. He’s Super Attentive to You

A guy who’s really into you is really into you. Meaning he’s not phubbing you and checking his phone every ten seconds while you’re hanging out. Instead he’s making dreamy eye contact whenever you two chat, and he’s always asking you questions about your day, and even LOLs at your quirky stories. You never have to question whether he’s interested in what you have to say because he lets you know he definitely is.


2. He Wants to See You All the Time

Okay, maybe not in a creepy/needy way. But the guy who’s serious about you wants to spend as much time together with you as possible, whether that’s going out for a pizza date on a Friday night, trying a new activity together, or just chilling watching Netflix. There are, of course, boundaries — he respects your squad time, for example — but you definitely have plans with him every weekend.


3. He Introduces You to His Bros and Family

Introducing a girl to his bros and family is a huuuuuge deal for a guy. He will only do this for someone he’s super serious about. When he’s not that serious, he won’t even bother. If he’s super into you, then his friends have heard sooo much about you. Don’t be surprised if they already know you’re a vegetarian who’s obsessed with Disney (they’ve heard about it a million times before!). Another great indication about his level of seriousness is HOW he introduces you to his fam. If he confidently calls you his girlfriend with a smile, then you know he’s alllll in.


4. He Wants to Know Your Friends and Family

A guy who’s seriously into you will want to meet your friends and family. This is because he’s so fascinated by you that he wants to be apart of your world as much as possible. Plus, he knows that if he wants to get serious with you, then he’s got to pass the test with your girls — and with Dad.


5. He Plans Ahead

If your guy is already planning an epic summer concert series with you in April or including you in his Thanksgiving plans when it’s August, then you can be sure he’s committed to you. And watch for the magic words, “we” or “us.” When a guy starts talking about future plans and says things like, “I can’t wait for us to go camping this summer!” or “We should really sign up for beach volleyball this year” then you know he wants to be with you and only you, and wants the world (or at least your social media feed) to know it. So make it official already!