Here’s How To Come Up With A Good Instagram Caption

Ask the caption consultant

You have the perfect photo, an amazing filter, and you’re so ready to share it on your Instagram account and get tons of likes on it. There’s just one thing – you have no idea what to caption your Instagram photo. This scenario is all too familiar. We’ve been through it more than once and #TheStruggleIsReal.

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Well, we’re here to help. Here are seven ways to think of a good Instagram caption and bring your Insta game to another level.

1. Ask a friend for help

There is no one better to turn to than a friend to help you with your Instagram caption! I mean, what are friends for? You guys basically think on the same wavelength and your friend might come up with a great caption that you just haven’t thought of yet.

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2. Think of song lyrics

If you’re ever stuck on what to caption your Instagram photo, song lyrics are always a great option. Song lyrics can perfectly describe exactly what you’re feeling. Next time you listen to Drake or Ed Sheeran’s albums, just see for yourself how many amazing Instagram captions you can get from their incredible songs.

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3. Ask a question

Another idea for an Instagram caption is to ask your followers a question. By doing this, you get to engage more with your followers which is always a nice thing to do. It’s fun to see what your followers are into and getting to know more about them. Plus, it will make your followers be more interested in your content because they know you care just as much about them as well.

Nosotras latinas somos únicas😘❤️💃 (where were you born?)

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4. Emojis

Feeling really stumped on thinking of a caption for your Insta pic? Then emojis are the way to go! Emojis can capture our exact emotion and we all can find an emoji that we resonate with the most. Find an emoji that grasps the essence of your photo just right. Are you posting a picture of a beautiful sunset? There’s an emoji for that! Or, what about your fun beach day? There’s an emoji for that too! Keep calm and emoji it out.


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5. Write out a list

Write down a list of all the possible Instagram caption ideas you have. This way, you’ll be able to visually see what kind of Instagram caption options you have, and can switch some around to make the perfect one. You won’t just have one caption to choose from, but several, and you can even join some captions together to make a brand new one.

Hey You. Hope you have a good day❤️

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6. Promote things

Do you have a new YouTube video on your channel that you really want all of your followers to see? Or, do you want to share your excitement for a new episode of one of your fave AwesomenessTV shows? Then, let all of your followers know! Tell them in your Instagram caption that the link of whatever you’re trying to promote will be in your Instagram bio so that everyone can check it out and you can share the love.


7. Encourage and inspire others

Some of the best Instagram captions are those that encourage and inspire others. What could be better than seeing a photo with a caption that motivates you to do something, be kind to others, believe in yourself, or take action and have your voice heard? It’s uplifting to see photos with captions that spread positivity.

Need a New Year's resolution? I got you 👌🏼

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Thinking of the best Instagram caption can be tough at times, but hopefully these tips can help you. Another option is to turn to a caption consultant. See for yourself in this hilarious AwesomenessTV Betch sketch! Betch totally feels our pain when it comes to picking out the best Instagram caption.