Weekly Horoscope: July 30 – August 5, 2017

Things are about to heat up

Weekly Horoscope: July 30 - August 5, 2017


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If you haven’t met a summer fling yet — fear not! Leo‘s flirty nature is allowing all signs to experience some summer lovin’ before season’s end. #Hot


We all know you’re a force to be reckoned with, Leo. And whatever you want — you get. However, this week, no matter how badly you want something (or someone) don’t force something to happen. Let the timing unfold naturally — you’ll be pleasantly surprised, trust.

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Try to stay positive this week, Virgo, no matter what is going on around you. Your relationship might be going through some ups and downs right now, but it doesn’t mean it’s all over. If you believe you’re #endgame, believe it with your whole heart.



You’re all about having fun right now, Libra, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Don’t listen to the haters. Keep doing you. If that means spending time with new friends and saying good bye to old ones, so be it. You could even find a new cute face while exploring brighter horizons.



Don’t play small this week, Scorpio. You might think you know what you want or how you’re going to achieve it, but the stars are urging you to play even BIGGER. Don’t go the easy route. Also, don’t forget to pack a bikini this weekend — you’re due for some fun in the sun too!



You could find yourself in an exotic place this week, Sag. Maybe you’re globetrotting or simply exploring a new ‘hood in your hometown. Wherever you are, keep an open mind and keep on spreading those #goodvibes. Who knows? You might very well bump into a dark, handsome stranger!



You are definitely feeling intense feels right now, Capricorn. This could mean something super romantic for your relationship, or could mean the end of a summer fling. No matter what, do what feels right for you. Trust in yourself, and don’t forget to take a risk now and then.



The heart wants what it wants, Aquarius, but the stars are asking you to be a little more patient than what you’re used to. This week you could find yourself falling for someone who could definitely be prom-worthy, or if you’re coupled up, your relaysh could go to new heights. Whatever it is, don’t rush the process. It’ll be worth the wait.



Everyone around you is all emosh lately, Pisces, but you’re actually doing okay (we know: #shocker). If you can keep your head above water and focus on your chores/internship/to-do list, this week should be easy breezy for you. In fact, you’re so chill that you won’t notice the new hottie at the gym who keeps checking you out!



Stop second-guessing yourself this week, Aries. Trust in your abilities and your crazy likable charm, and you def WILL get noticed. Whether for your professional or personal life, you can’t go wrong if you stay true to what you want for yourself and seek fun along the way.



Change is all around you right now, Taurus, which might have you freaking out. Don’t let it. You’re actually more in charge of your life than you realize. Instead of seeking others to make decisions for you, embrace your inner Wonder Woman and take control. You’ll be glad you did.



You could def meet a new bestie this week, Gemini. And not just any new bestie. We’re talking about your soulmate. The peanut butter to your jelly. The peas to your carrots. The two of you could even partner up for a cool new creative project. But remember: you’ve gotta meet her halfway.



You’re blinded by love, Cancer, which can be a good or bad thing. Good because you deserve to be swept off your feet by a hottie. But bad because you might be so caught up in your crush that you are ignoring some big red flags. Dive in…but tread carefully.