Weekly Horoscope: June 25 – July 1, 2017

Hello Cancer season

We’re officially in Cancer season, which means we’re being influenced by our seashell friend: on one hand, we’re craving some alone time to get all emosh, and on the other hand, we’re ready to climb out of our shell to take on the world!

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It might be summer vacay, Cancer, but your mind is on slaying your goals. Though it’s super admirable to be ambitious and indulge your inner #girlboss, don’t forget that it IS your birthday season. Meaning? It’s totally okay to chill out and have some fun — without a to-do list.

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OMG you’re already feeling bored, Leo, and summer just started! Good thing you’re always up for a challenge. You might want to check out different activities or water sports you’d like to try, or take the summer job at the local fro-yo spot. Whatever you do you’re bound to meet a new bae.



From friends moving across country for college to landing your first-ever internship, there’s a lot of changes surrounding you this week, Virgo. Yes, change is hard. But it can be super rewarding and liberating if, rather than resisting it, you floooooow with it.



You’ve got love on the brain this week, Libra. Whether you’re dealing with a new crush or a long-term bae, it’s important to remember that the only person responsible for your happiness is YOU. Once you understand that, all unnecessary pressure will be lifted and you’ll get back to enjoying your sweetie.



You’re suffering from some major wanderlust this week, Scorpio, and the stars are giving you the green light for some globetrotting. Even if you can’t book a last-minute vacay with your squad, it’ll be worth exploring new spots locally or doing some research for an epic trip next year.



You’re head over heels with a new bae, Sagittarius, but as much as your new love interest is super amazing, the cosmos are urging you to slooooow it down. It’s better to live in the moment and appreciate the journey rather than picturing what your promposal will look like a year from now.



The stars want you to move out of comfort zone this week, Cappy. Indulging your adventurous side could mean anything from signing up for sailing lessons to going to a new cafe for your daily iced coffee fix. Whatever you decide, don’t be surprised if you meet a new hottie.



It’s time to stop playing small and time to start stepping into your power, Aquarius. There are a ton of awesome opportunities coming your way this week, but you might not be able to recognize them right away because you think they’re out of your league. Psst…they’re not.



You’ll be given a number of choices this week, Pisces. These choices might range from which squad group to hang with or which summer job you want to take. It’s up to you to listen to your mighty powerful intuition and choose wisely — which means devoting your time to the people and things that YOU value.



You might want to spend some time solo this week, Aries, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stray from your Type A tendencies. This is a good time to undertake any personal projects you’d like to finish, like redecorating your bedroom, organizing and cleaning your closet or even painting a masterpiece!



It’s not too late to focus on getting your bod beach-ready, Taurus, which is why you’re all about eating greens and making regular trips to the gym this week. Getting more healthy is always a good idea, but don’t forget that moderation is key — so it’s def okay to treat yoself to a cone!



Of course your summer social calendar is already filling up, Gemini. But as much as you love feeling like a VIP, it’s important to remember that the key to feeling super happy isn’t being busy and feeling wanted — but being busy with the things and people who make you legit smile. Know the difference.

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