7 Kirakira-Worthy Moments You Need on Your Instagram ASAP


If you’re not on board the Kirakira+ train, your Instagram feed is seriously missing out.

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For the uninitiated, Kirakira+ is an app that makes any hint of light in a video — a new engagement ring, a hint of sunlight on a window, or even a spot-on highlight, for example — glimmer.

It’s pretty incredible, but we know that finding sparkly moments throughout your day to jazz up with Kirakira+ can be as difficult as attempting to take a food pic in a dark restaurant.

So to help make your life seem a little more glam (at least on IG), we rounded up eight things that basically require you to use the glittery photo editing platform.

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Think of this as your ultimate Kirakira+ guide.


1. Show off your mani-pedi. 

Make getting your nails done extra worth it by using the app to really spotlight your manicure’s shine. Bonus points if you come prepared by accessorizing with glistening gold jewelry.


2. Take your sparkliest holiday outfit to the next level.

mood ✨

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Whether it’s a top, dress, or pants, glimmering attire will always make you feel special. If you’re in a style rut, put on your most glam outfit, use the app’s “twinkle” filter, and we guarantee it will instantly lift your spirits.


3. Give your holiday decorations the royal treatment.

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No matter what holiday you celebrate, bright lights are what the season is all about — and we can’t think of anything more meaningful to Kira.


4. Rock the ish out of your metallic shoes (they never go out of style).

These stylish kicks are the twinkle we all need in our lives. Go ahead and give #TuesdayShoesday a new meaning.


5. Show off your makeup. 

Sometimes the best part of owning makeup is admiring how pretty your products look, but your standard Instagram filter doesn’t always do them justice. Make your space pretty, whip out the app, and take this beauty blogger-approved photo.


6. Then take a selfie. 

Once you post all your products, put on your glossiest lip gloss and eyeshadow with the most glitter for a Kirakira+ selfie that will surely stand out.


7. Factor Kirakira+ into your travel plans. 

Own being a tourist and get every angle, including the shiniest one you can find. Day or night, Kirakira+ works best when you have a skyline as a backdrop.