How to Throw a Fun and Affordable Holiday Party

Cheer Without the Cost

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than by bringing your friends together for some much needed relaxation. But as fun as parties are, they can easily get expensive and overwhelming. Hosting an event is already a big responsibility; don’t add huge financial worry to the burden. Here are some easy ways to host a great party without depleting your bank account.

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Do It Potluck Style 

We all have that fantasy of throwing an incredible party where we cook twelve different types of food, no one lifts a finger to help, and we go down in history as the best party host of all time. Alas, that is not realistic. If you’re hosting the party and offering your space to your friends, generally they’ll be happy to bring a dish to share! If you’re going for a dinner event, you can ask people to bring different parts of the meal — appetizers, salads, or main courses. Or, you can do a dessert-only event. Everyone loves sweets for the holidays! Make it fun by issuing the challenge of who can bring the most creative cookie.

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Recycle Decorations 

Instead of shelling out for new decorations, why not use the ones that your family has in storage? It can give the party a nice vintage feel and keeps you from buying items from a party store that you’ll end up throwing away afterwards. If you don’t have many decorations, ask around for anyone who does — friends are usually happy to help make a party a success!

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Go White Elephant for Gifts

It’s easy to get sucked up in the maelstrom of who can buy the nicest gift in a Secret Santa exchange. The best way to avoid the stress and possibly high cost of this is to do your gift exchange White Elephant style. In a White Elephant exchange, everyone brings a gift that they found at home or a cheap gag gift. You can decide on a theme with your friends, or just go for it and see what happens.


Do a Winter Photoshoot

The holidays are a great time to take a posed friend photo that you can all treasure for all time. Your holiday party is the perfect moment for that! Everyone will be dressed up, and you can use holiday decorations or an outdoor winter wonderland as a backdrop.

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