How to Throw the Most Epic New Year’s Eve Party

Ring in 2017 With the Best Party of the New Year

With the holidays here, 2017 is just around the corner! And the best way to celebrate is with a killer party. One that will make everyone talk about it nonstop when you return back to school. If you want to throw the most amazing party ever, check out these New Year’s Eve party-throwing tips. You’ll boost your holiday and your reputation!

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Food and Drinks

Quite possibly the most important component of your party is the snacks. Food helps make the night feel festive, bring the entire evening together, and helps get the conversation going. Depending on your budget or culinary skills, you can provide full meals or small appetizers. But let’s be real, snacks are way easier.

Some great snack ideas include mini sliders, caprese skewers, bacon deviled eggs, chips and guac, and gingerbread cookies. Make sure to serve on party plates, cake trays and layered decor to give a layered and lavish look. And don’t forget to add in festive toothpicks or colorful sparkers to keep in line with the theme. And to drink? Punch is a sweet and tasty alternative to soda. If you want to keep in line with the holidays, a hot cocoa bar is the perfect way to stay warm and decorate at the same time! Make sure you have some sparkling cider to toast at midnight, too. 

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Speaking of decorations, decor is what makes your party go from a random get together to a fancy soiree. You can keep the holiday decorations up from the last month, but New Year’s Eve is all about glimmer, shimmer and shine. Now’s the time to show off your party throwing skills and set the scene for the best night ever!

If you’re trying imagine a color scheme, think gold, white and black. Use this scheme for balloons, glitter banners and streamers, gold or silver confetti, and matching straws. A great way to make sure your guests will always remember your party is a cute party favor, like a bag of gold candies or a sparkler with ‘2017’ on it!


If you’re the host of this amazing party, then you’re definitely going to have to dress the part! You can’t go wrong with glitter or shimmer added to any piece (like a blazer, top or dress). But wearing striking colors like black and silver, red and black, or all gold makes just as much of a statement!

If you don’t want to buy a new outfit for the occasion, try using glitter eyeshadows, a bold lip or some beautiful hair accessories to get the holiday spirit going!


Want to make sure your party is raging all night? Music is the key to an upbeat fiesta. Whether you’re a fan of pop, Christmas music, rock or alternative music, just make sure the tempo is always quick and the selection properly represents your party theme.

And, of course, having a TV is a must! While counting down to midnight is just fine without one, there’s something really special about connecting with the whole world as it reaches midnight (even if we’re all in different time zones). It makes the night that much more magical!

Games and Activities

You can’t expect your guests to dance and mingle all night long. This isn’t some happy hour mixer. New Year’s Eve inspired activities will keep your guests entertained well into 2017. The must have entertainment at your party has got to be cameras. Whether you have a polaroid camera or a bunch of disposables, everyone is going to have a blast! 

For midnight, make sure you have some 2017 swag. From sunglasses to hats to poppers and noisemakers, this will keep everyone entertained for hours.