Awesome Advice: I Don’t Know How to Flirt

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Awesome Advice: I Don't Know How to Flirt!


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Q: So I’ve got this huge crush on a guy and I don’t know how to interact with him or get his attention because I legit have NO game. Like, zero. I don’t know how to flirt! My friends tease me about it all the time. I guess it’s because I’m a little shy and quiet at times, but also…I just don’t know what you’re supposed to do! Can you help??

A: Ah, yes. Flirting. That subtle but-not-so-subtle game we play when we like someone. Luckily, it’s an art that comes naturally to most of us — yes, including you! — that just needs some fine tweaking to get right. Flirting really works best when it becomes like a dance between you and your crush. A little back-and-forth banter will definitely create some sparks. However, it’s also a good way to let someone know you’re interested. Here are some easy tips to up your flirting game without breaking a sweat.

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1.  Smile and Make Eye Contact

If you want to get on your crush’s radar, you have to give them the opportunity to notice you. Smiling and making legit eye contact is a sure-fire way to get his attention. Next time you see him in the hallway or in class, make sure you give him a quick smile and hold his gaze for just a second or two, and then immediately look away. Boom!


2. Break the Ice

Unless you have telepathic powers, if you want to get closer with your crush, you’re gonna have to talk to him! Break the ice by coming up with an opening line that concerns something you have in common, like homework or a mutual friend’s upcoming summer bash. You can say something like, “Hey, are you going to Jade’s party next weekend?” or “How did you find that math test?” Even offering a Tic-Tac works!


3. Touch Him Juuuuust a Bit

Whether it’s leaning on him to tie up your shoe, literally bumping into him at a party (“Oh, haaiiii!”), or brushing up alongside him in class as you reach for your bag, physically touching him is a killer flirting move. It helps build attraction and leaves him wanting more.


4. Snap Him

Add him on Snap and send him at least one funny Snap of your day that is just for him — and NOT part of your Snap story. Keep your Snap streak alive by saying something like, “Bet you can’t make it to 30 days!” That way you’ll have your special thing going on, and you’ll also be in constant contact — which is always a good thing with a new crush.


5. Compliment Him

You don’t have to build up his ego, but everyone likes to be complimented. It’s important to be specific and unique with your compliments, so he knows you’re being genuine (and not just gaming him). It can be as simple as saying something like, “Hey, I really dig your t-shirt!” or messaging him, “LOL! You are sooooo funny!” after watching his Snaps.


Like everything, flirting is a technique that gets better and easier with practice. And, above all, have fun with it!