These Instagram Accounts Will Have You Meal Prepping ASAP

These IG Accounts Will Have You Meal Prepping ASAP

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Meal prepping is an art. It requires patience, planning, and, of course, aesthetics for that Instagram feed! A few minutes browsing through these IG accounts will have you going into meal prep mode real quick (and no, stuffing Domino’s into a container does not count). Get ready to follow, double tap, and bring some inspiration into your cooking.

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1. Meal Prep Society

This IG will show you all the different meal prep accounts out there to give you major motivation and words of wisdom.

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2. Fit Men Cook

This isn’t your ordinary meal prep. This guy is all about traveling and meal prepping. He even has an app called MealPrepPro that guides you through various recipes to help you reach your daily health and fitness goals.


3. We Love Clean Food

This IG is all about realistic eating, and, um, dessert? Yes, please.


4. Peanut Butter and Fitness

If you’re a peanut butter lover, you will love this page and the main ingredient — peanut butter!


5. Meal Prep Princess

Planning ahead never looked so good. These are meals fit for a princess — a meal prep princess to be exact.


6. Cook by Color

Since colors on your plate really do make a difference, this nutrition therapy practitioner knows just how to spice things up. Time to eat the rainbow!

We are going to get back on that early bird dinner train to catch those warm rays of sun, I'm not into these cool shadowy vibes! 💁🏻In any case, this Machaca is d e l i c i o u s. # I used a local, grassfed chuck roast from my friends @homefarmfoods, spiced it up with a killer dry rub, and roasted it low and slow in my favorite non toxic cookware from @toque_blanche_store. It's flavorful, fork tender and super versatile for meal prep purposes. # I made a sauce using all the flavorful pan remnants- spooned it over some crisped potato rounds and topped it with every color of the rainbow because that's how I do! 🌈 Sharing the actual step by step over at @whole30recipes this week- hope to see your friendly faces over there 😘 #cookbycolor #whole30

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7. Lady Lolas

These meal preps are so low maintenance, because they use everyday ingredients that are easy to replicate and find. Just how we like it!

✨Fail to prepare, prepare to fail✨ . Why don’t I count calories or macros you ask? . Because it’s terrible for my mental health and can lead to obsessive, unhealthy behaviour and thinking. I appreciate that it works for lots of people, but if you’re anything like me, placing any kind of restriction on yourself leads to self-sabotaging behaviour and obsessive thinking. That’s why I aim for balanced, regular meals, which include healthy carbs, fats and lean protein to keep me full and feeling satisfied. Find what works for you xo. . For this week’s prep I’ve made for: . ❤️BREAKFAST – overnight oats w/unsweetened almond milk, oats, seedless purple grapes, blueberries, cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds. . 💙MORNING SNACK – Chobani yoghurt and a banana. I’ve also got @tropeaka Boost energy and strength protein powder handy if I need an extra little something. I just mix 1 tbspoon with unsweetened almond milk. . 💜LUNCH – shredded roast chicken breast, danish feta, quinoa, spinach leaves, purple cabbage, green beans, red capsicum, blueberries and carrot, dressed w/lemon, paprika and splash of lite extra virgin olive oil. . 💚AFTERNOON SNACK – new @Aussiebodies whip’d low-carb protein bar. They’re chocolate coated with a lightly whip’d fudge centre and they’re delicious! My favourite flavor is boysenberry. . Containers from @mealprepaustralia. . Lady Lolas Meal Prep #LLMealPrep. . Get preppin’ xo

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8. Meal Plan Magic

The Instagram handle says it all. The magic is in the meal, and this page actually lists out all the ingredients you need. Perfect.

No choice but success for @workweeklunch this week… – How's your week looking? Download @mealplanmagic now and start planning for success everyday – 👇ALL-IN-ONE TOOL & GUIDES👇 – 🔮 Build Custom Plans & Set Nutrition Goals 📐 BMR, BMI, & Max Rate Calculator 🏁 Learn Your Macros by Body Type & Goal 📝 Grocery Lists Automated to Weekly Needs 🎯 Accurate Cooking and Prep Summaries 👫 Combine & Export Data for Two Plans 📈 Track Your Progress & Daily Allowance 🍐 Food Lists for Clean Eating 🍋 Database of Over 7,500+ Foods 💤 Sleep and Mealtime Planner 🔪 Account for What’s in Your Kitchen ✂️ Adjust for Yield Percentage of Food ❓ Help Center & Training Videos Included ⏰ Reduce Plan and Prep Time 💸 Save on Groceries 🔑 Unlock Your Full Potential 💪 Accelerate Fat Loss and Muscle Gain 📒 Meal Plan Templates and Guides 🍴 Meal Prep Containers And Prep Essentials – Click the link in our bio to download now and get everything you need to meal plan and meal prep. – ▶️ @mealplanmagic ◀️ ▶️ @mealplanmagic ◀️ – Share your images by tagging us or using #MealPlanMagic – #mealplan #mealprep #fitfood #mealprepping #preplife #cleaneating #mealplans #cleaneats #foodporn #transformation #mealprepmonday #eatclean #mealprepsociety #macros #foodprep #fitfoodie #eattherainbow #bodymotivation

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9. Meal Prep on Fleek

Forget your eyebrows — this Instagram will make sure your meal prep is on fleek. Pretty much drooling right now.

Planted Prep with @theplantedone 💚💚 #MidWeekMealPrep Everything is gluten free, dairy free and 100% #plantbased! . ☀️wake up: ALWAYS warm water + lemon – pre-squeezed so all I have to do is add water and… CHUG! hydrates and gets things going! . 🍫breakfast: I couldn't decide on a strawberry, vanilla or chocolate recipes for this week's chia pudding… so I made ALL THREE! These neopolitan chia puddings are made with @genuinehealth chocolate and vanilla protein powders, fresh strawberries and @enjoyyoso coconut yogurt… YUM! (not pictured!) getting in my greens this week with my go to green goddess smoothie's that include chlorella and ALL THE GREENS! . 🥗lunch: salads! salads! salads in the summer! I've been creating new combos for my mason jar lunches. This week is straight up 'rainbow chopped salads'. I cut all my fave veggies and layered them starting with the most important layer… more GREENS! I created my favourite creamy dill-parsley herb dressing to go along with both salads! Also created TWO added protein source to top my salads with… 1. all spiced roasted chickpeas and 2. baked tofu triangles! . 🍔dinner: 1. I've really been craving curry the past couple weeks! So I made my go-to sweet potato, chickpea coconut curry slow cooker dish! In the colder months I normally eat it over top of rice… but it's the summer! So I'll be eating it with some spiralized zucchini noodles! mmm! 2. I recently found some gf + dairy free buns by Aidan's and needed something delish to fill my burger/sandwich craving! Once I spotted @hotforfood cauliflower steaks…I HAD to make em! I'm not the biggest fan of too much heat or franks hot sauce… So I swapped in @joyoushealth best-ever homemade BBQ sauce. 3. Wanted to try making a 'farinata' again so I created a single pizza as well with all the most colourful toppings! To go with the cauli sandwiches and pizza… I created @ohsheglows rainbow quinoa salad as a side to go with both dinners! .

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10. Meal Prep Mondays

This will def make your Monday tastier, considering this IG page provides you with a goal list and grocery sheet. Convenience at its finest.



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