10 Types Of Instagram Accounts You Come Across

It's okay to admit you're one of them

Oh, Instagram – what would we do without you?! It’s safe to say that Instagram is a big part of our lives – hellooo, we can’t miss out on all of the amazing photos that our fave celebs post or those delicious food pics that make us hungry late at night. As soon as we wake up and right before we go to bed, Instagram is what we’re always checking!

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Using Instagram so much, we start to come across certain types of accounts on our feeds. Here are 10 types of Instagram accounts you come across – you either are one of them or know one of them!

1. The MVP

You know this person will always be one of the first to like your Insta posts. He / she is basically giving you a standing ovation every time you post your fabulous Insta pic!

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10 Types Of Instagram Accounts You Come Across

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2. The one who lurks

They see all your posts but never like anything. You’ll be talking about something fun you did over the weekend, and his / her response will always be “Oh yeah, I saw it on Instagram.” Why don’t you like it, though?

10 Types Of Instagram Accounts You Come Across

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3. The selfie queen

This person has everything on point – hair, makeup, lighting, EVERYTHING! When it comes to taking the best selfies, this person has all the right tips to make you slay every selfie you take.

Throwback to that one time in Paris @luxurylaw

A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on


4. The jet-setter

Paris, Milan, Sydney, Tokyo and more – this person is at a new city each day! Hey, if we can’t physically be there, at least this person makes us feel like we’re there through their jet-setting photos.

Take me back 🙌🏼🐪☀️ #Dubai

A post shared by Bethany Noel Mota (@bethanynoelm) on


5. The spammer

When it comes to posting photos on Insta, one is never enough for “the spammer.” Even though this person may fill up our feeds, he / she does post some awesome pics, we have to admit.

10 Types Of Instagram Accounts You Come Across

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6. The fitness guru

You just ate the biggest sundae and afterwards when you check your Insta you come across this person’s #health, #fitness, #workout photo of their green salad and pressed juice. If we had to name someone who is our fitspo, this person would definitely be at the top of our lists!


7. The #foodie

Whenever this person posts something on Instagram, we instantly get 100x hungrier. This person knows all the most hipster and trendy places to grab a bite to eat and a terrific Instagram pic always goes along with it.


8. The music festival junkie

One week he / she is at Coachella, the next they’re at Gov Ball and even EDC the following week. We are totally jealous with all of the fun videos and artsy photos they share. Say hi to Calvin Harris for us, please!

Meet me at Sahara❤️ #coachella2016 @stylehaul

A post shared by E͟͟V͟͟E͟͟L͟͟I͟͟N͟͟A (@evelina) on


9. The meme account

We can literally stay on meme Instagram accounts for hours and hours. These accounts are oh, so relatable and are absolutely hilarious!

The only time it's appropriate to have a selfie stick

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10. The pet account

This person shares some extra Instagram love for their adorable pets. We have so many heart-eye emojis for their precious photos of their pups, cats and other cute, furry friends; and what makes it even better is that it’s the pet’s own Instagram account!


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