8 Reasons Why Jacob Whitesides Is Our #MCM

He is our bae every day

You know that feeling you get when you see someone and that person instantly makes your heart skip a beat? Yeah, we get that exact feeling when we see musician and heart-throb, Jacob Whitesides. He’s super talented and we melt every time we hear his music. Plus, he’s a total babe so what’s not to love about Jacob Whitesides?!

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Jacob Whitesides can always leave us on Cloud 9, so here are eight reasons why he is our #MCM this week (and every week!)

1. He’s an incredible singer

Jacob Whitesides’ talent is out of this world – he has such a raw and genuine gift for making amazing music. You can always count on us listening to his music 24/7.

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2. He’s oh, so fashionable

A guy who has a fantastic sense of style totally wins over our heart in a nano-second. Can we please take a moment to appreciate Jacob Whitesides’ outstanding #OOTDs? He looks so good in everything!

macy's parade attire

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3. He posts the cutest photos with animals

Every time we see Jacob Whitesides post a photo with an adorable furry friend, it always makes us so happy. C’mon, how can you not love a picture like this?!

these family photos are getting harder.. she's getting too big.

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4. His American Eagle campaign

We’re just going to put it out there that Jacob Whitesides looks very hot in his American Eagle campaign. *Cue the heart-eye emojis right now*

ae 2017

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5. He has so much love for his fans

Another one of the many things we adore about Jacob Whitesides is how much love he has for his fans. He always takes time to connect with them on Twitter and whenever any of his fans bump into him as he’s out and about, he’s always down to take a photo with them. Plus, he even shares some photos with his fans on his Insta – so cute!

VIPs ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE ON MY WEBSITE. who am i meeting on the lovesick tour? 😏

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6. His remarkable performances

We can always see how much passion Jacob puts into all of his performances. We love when he shares pics from his shows and concerts because it makes us feel like we were there jamming out to all of his great tunes.


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7. His bromance with our boy Alex Aiono

When two of our fave baes have a bromance, we can’t help but crush so hard. Look at how cute Jacob Whitesides and Alex Aiono are!

my bffl

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8. His selfies

Just. Look. At. That. Face.

snatched some rays ☀️

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