4 Apps To Help You Land Your Dream Job

From Glassdoor to Shapr

4 Apps To Help You Land Your Dream Job

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When it comes to job hunting, the struggle is real. The Internet brings with it an endless and exhausting sifting through fake job postings, expired job postings, and wondering if your application will even get into the right hands at all.

That’s why we’ve created this list of reliable apps that will not only ease the pain of searching for jobs but will also make the process of submitting and finding the perfect fit for you that much easier. Let’s dive in.

1. Glassdoor Job Search

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What It Does: Glassdoor Job Search allows you to search millions of job listings that are active and current. Their sophisticated filter makes it super easy to find the exact jobs you’re looking for, and they’ll even notify you when a new job listing with your preferences is added. You can also apply directly to the job you’re interested in through the app as well as read reviews from applicants about their interview experiences. Cool, huh?

Why We Love It: The sneak peek at salaries (and benefits) is a fantastic tool when searching and interviewing for a new company. You’ll understand what’s appropriate to ask for without trying to pull a number out of thin air, which can often cause you to lowball your worth.  Plus, they even post examples of interview questions top companies are asking!

App Store Rating: 5.5 stars, 304 reviews

2. Shapr

What It Is: Called the Tinder of dream jobs and networking by Nylon magazine, Shapr connects you with like-minded creators and businesspeople so you might just find your dream partner for that project, product, or company you’ve always wanted to start. Essentially, they’ve taken the “work” out of networking, creating a fun environment to connect with people and their passions. You swipe yes or no and are notified when you’re a match with someone! Shapr believes that creating a space to connect individuals with shared passions can shape the world… and your career.  As Shapr says themselves, “Don’t forget that big ideas come from small encounters.”

Why We Love It: While you can’t apply to jobs from the app, it appeals to big dreamers with entrepreneur-like minds. It’s perfect to pair with one of the more practical job searching apps.

App Store Rating: 4 stars, 197 reviews

3. LinkedIn Job Search

What It Is: Nope, this isn’t the LinkedIn app. It’s a specific LinkedIn app for job searching. LinkedIn Job Search uses your personal LinkedIn profile and connections to recommend great opportunities for you. And it’s super simple to use; you just use your LinkedIn profile to apply for the jobs you’ve easily found through their great search function. LinkedIn Job Search is free to download and use, but their Premium subscription ($29.99 per month) will allow you to access insights that let you see how you compare to other job applicants and companies’ hiring trends.

Why We Like It: We love the simplicity of using our LinkedIn profile to apply. Plus, everything is kept confidential so your network will not be notified when you’re applying to new jobs.

App Store Rating: 5 stars, 800 reviews

4. Indeed Job Search

What It Is: As of May 2017, Indeed got more people jobs than any other job search app. The app walks you through the entire process of landing a job from searching to applying to interviewing. You create an Indeed resume which you can use for all applications. Plus, you can even send personalized messages to the company you’re applying to. Like Glassdoor, Indeed also offers reviews from employees.

Why We Love It: Indeed also lets you search for freelance, part-time, and internship positions. And we all know finding the right Internship can be just as stressful as a job search…

App Store Rating: 4 stars, 283 reviews

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