5 Ways To Make PMS A Bit More Bearable

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6 Ways To Make PMS A Bit More Bearable


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Oh the places PMS will take you. PMS, or as I like to call it: Painful Menstrual Stuff, will provide you with a roller coaster of emotions, and an even bigger roller coaster of cramps, bloating, headaches, and all the other good stuff that only good old Aunt Flo can provide. Even though us girls are stuck with mother nature’s lovely gift, lucky for us we have technology and research to equip us with all the defenses we need to try and make PMS more bearable. Try these 5 tips to help you feel better!

1. De-bloating + Mood enhancer foods AF

We have all heard that bananas are the go-to fruits that are suppose to help with cramps, but there are other great alternatives to help combat the pain. There are sweet potatoes which help with bloating and breakouts, leafy green veggies that will give you iron and help reduce the pain AND help your skin look amazing! And let’s not forget pumpkin seeds that also help with bloating, headaches, and moodiness  while providing energy. Pretty much anything full of magnesium is also supposed to help with energy and moodiness.

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If you are looking for a more chocolaty fix (no judgements of course), there are these magical little bundles of joys called PMS bites which are suppose to be tasty and helpful for TOM, oh and did I mention they have CHOCOLATE. Yes please!

6 Ways To Make PMS a Bit More Bearable

2. All the right drinks to de-bloat yo self.  

The warmer the drinks, the better. Bust out your green tea, peppermint tea, parsley tea, and raspberry leaf tea because these will be your life savers. These teas will help relax your muscles and help with vitamin deficiency, but if you get tired of teas you can create your own PMS smoothie cure full of leafy veggie goodness and all the right fruits.

6 Ways To Make PMS A Bit More Bearable

3. Heating pads galore – for a better, warmer you. 

A heating pad is a must, this will literally save your life. This will keep you comfortable and help relax your muscles. Try to stay as warm as you can during this time period.

6 Ways To Make PMS A Bit More Bearable

4. Exercise. It actually helps. No joke.

Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind, but believe it or not this actually helps put you in a better mood, and helps give you energy. The exercises don’t have to be super intense, even something as simple as a nice walk can make a difference.

6 Ways To Make PMS A Bit More Bearable

5. Rest+Relax+Rejuvenate yo self.

This one is a major duh, but don’t overlook it. It’s so important to give your body a good night’s rest. This will help you focus throughout the day and help you regain your energy after all the fatigue.

6 Ways To Make PMS A Bit More Bearable



Try to be as prepared as you can prior to your time of the month so that you can figure out what works for you. There are also period subscription boxes like  The PMS Package, HelloFlo, Bonjour Jolie, and Le Parcel to make you feel like a pampered princess and make your TOM less painful, which definitely helps. It’s literally getting a gift every month, but this time not from mother nature. Instead, it’s a much more fun source full of chocolate and all the PMS fighting goodies you can think of.