Weekly Horoscope: May 28 – June 3, 2017

The stars are going cray

With both the Sun and Moon in Gemini, we are in for some very cray cray times. However, as much as topsy-turvy the Universe seems, the Twins are helping us recognize and love our commonalities over our differences. #blessed

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With the Sun and Moon in your sign, Gemini, it’s safe to say that it’s allllll about you right now. You’re ready to jump off and make your mark in the world, but you might experience some minor setbacks. Is it because certain VIPs don’t think you’re ready or are you getting in your own way? Banish the self-doubt and JUMP anyway.

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You’re going through a transformation this week, Cancer. Things are getting super intense, so you def need this time to chill and reflect and JUST BE. But like a caterpillar who ultimately turns into a beautiful butterfly, you’ll be grateful for this time alone because next month is your turn to shine.



You’ve got a new bae in your life, but in typical lioness fashion, you’re being super picky. Though you certainly deserve the best, Leo, it’s important to realize that everyone has their flaws and quirks — including you. Get off your high throne and cut your cutie some slack. You’ll be glad you did.



You’re doing some major dreaming this week, Virgo, but the practical side of you understands that dreams don’t become reality unless you take some action towards them. For example, if you’re seriously wanderlusting, do some research on internships or schools abroad. Little steps make a HUGE difference.



Your loved ones are driving you cray this week, Libra. Though no one really likes confrontation, you should face-on whatever — or whoever — is bothering you. Annoyed with a friend? Talk to her about it. Did bae disappoint you? Let him know. Honesty and communication win every time.



You’re feeling yourself this week, Scorpio, and that’s awesome. That’s why now is the perf time to attend a new class or workshop that might have intimidated you before. Believing in yourself now will make it possible for you to reach new heights in the months ahead.



Your personal life is heating up this week, Sag. If you’re single, you could meet a new hottie that has legit staying power (a.k.a. more than a summer fling). If already attached, your love could easily go to the next level, from Instagram official to dinner with the parents. Just remember to let things unfold naturally.



You’re super busy right now, Cappy, and attracting major attention from slick VIPs. As much as everyone knows you’re a total #boss, refrain from speaking your mind without a filter attached. “I think there’s another option” is better than “That idea stinks.” Conscientious communication is where it’s at.



You’ve been stressed for a while, Aquarius, and this week might bring your breaking point. Tell your FOMO to take a hike and, instead, take a moment or two to breathe. Retreat into your bedroom for some solo Netflix time. Journal and meditate. Some self-care will make a world of difference.



The stars are turning into a homebody this week, Pisces, and that’s totally okay with you. Your excess socializing has caught up with you, so now is the perf time to plan a slumber party with your squad at home or a quiet night in with bae. Low-key is more your speed for the time being.



Watch your temper this week, Aries. You might be confronted with some nastiness, which will make you want to lash out. Try your best to control your emotions, and, instead, come from a more controlled and easy, breezy place. You’ll be more respected for it — and will feel better about yourself, too.



Time to get real this week, Taurus. Whether you’ve been ignoring a toxic friend or avoiding a project, now is the time to confront old fears and tackle new beginnings. Dealing with complicated things/people is never easy, but the pay off is always worth it. Because, freedom.

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