Meet The Power Women of GUIDANCE Season 2

Who Runs The World? Girls!

It’s news to nobody that girls run the world, and starring a cast of power women, GUIDANCE season 2 looks like it’s no exception. Let’s acquaint ourselves with the dynamite girl bosses who– together– get to the bottom of a bloody shooting (and most likely, more!).

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1. Layla (Diamond White)

I’m certain that if ~fierce~ was a human, it would be Layla played by Diamond White. Layla rips on her electric guitar and doles out glances of which you do not want to be on the receiving end. High school doesn’t deserve her fashion sense or her swagger. Does her girlfriend Liddy? TBD.

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2. Liddy (Leah Lewis)

When she isn’t at band practice rehearsing with her best friend Layla, Liddy’s honing her acoustic talent and songwriting skills at guitar club with everybody’s favorite teacher, Mr. Ridley. Liddy rocks a dark lip and a mean top knot.

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3. Hilary (Arden Rose)

Hilary fights the classic bookworm’s fight, but also proves that earning the highest GPA in your grade is hardly a matter of coincidence. Hilary will not be overlooked and won’t let anyone believe her intelligence is limited to book smarts. Hilary will make herself heard, even in the face of a lot of haters.


4. Brianna (Chachi Gonzales)

She may look like a trophy girlfriend, but Brianna’s not shy about wearing the pants in her relationship. She doesn’t let fear stand in the way of what she wants and is strong enough to realize that sometimes tears are the price you have to pay to live truthfully. Are granola bars her #1 world-running life hack? Maybe.


5. Alana (Erica Dasher)

It’s not as if being a high school guidance counselor isn’t a hard enough job–managing both teen angst and college admissions anxiety. When a gun goes off at the homecoming dance you’re supervising, suffice to say your plate is already full. With focus, determination and her best attempt at poise, Alana helps the students help themselves. I’d venture a guess that they turn out to help her in the process.

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6. Polly (Molly McCook)

Like the closer in the high stakes baseball game, Polly may just be the key to the case. Nothing’s more powerful than a secret weapon. Best of all when nobody saw her coming. Although initially at a distance, Polly’s propelled by the power of the surrounding sisterhood.

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I can’t wait to watch them all get after it!! The future is female.