8 Reasons Why Meghan Trainor is a Total Girl Boss

The ultimate girl power role model

Do you love Meghan Trainor like we love Meghan Trainor? If you do, then we’re probably best friends. If not, don’t worry, we’re not mad at you (yet). Meghan is a strong and awesome role model for young and old women alike. With her awesome vibes, her fun lyrics and girl power attitude, Meghan is just #goals. Check out these 8 reasons why Meghan Trainor is a total girl boss and our not-so-secret girl crush.

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1. She’s Been Writing Music for FOREVER

Before Trainor was writing lyrics to her future husband, she was writing a ton of lyrical genius for other bands and musical artists. Her music-writing resume includes three songs for Rascal Flatts, one for Hunter Hayes and a ton for herself by the age of 17!

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2. Meghan is Super Silly

The cool thing about Meghan Trainor is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Sure, her music has some weighty messages that are kind of a big deal. But her music videos and personality make it seem like she sure knows how to have a good time with it! I mean, have you see her ‘Me Too’ video? Talk about a loveable nerd.


3. She Encourages Confidence

Speaking of her hit ‘Me Too,’ homegirl is all about confidence. From being proud of your body to being fiercely independent, confidence comes from within and Meghan isn’t afraid to PREACH. She helps us feel comfortable in our own skin by showing us just how many of us ladies out there feel the same way. And we don’t need to feel alone or weird ever again!


4. She Also Says We Don’t Need a Man

In her song ‘No,’ where she constantly declines imaginary (though probably real) men from hitting on her, she encourages us ladies to be able to stand up for ourselves and not succumb to men asking everything of us. Instead of feeling the need to be polite or have to kindly talk to men and give them something until they go away, Meghan tells us we’re completely right in just saying NO.


5. She Has Her Own Sense of Style

Rather than conform to what is popular, Meghan has a style that is all her own! Bright colors, giraffe onesies and wearing super fun makeup is her MO and we’re obsessed.


6. She Hates Photoshop

Trainor is so comfortable with her body that she hates when it’s photoshopped. I mean, if she’s all about that Bass, why would she go for a slimmer waist? “They won’t let me see photos before they are released. It kills me. I’ve asked about 100 times,” said Trainor in an interview with Daily Mail’s You Magazine. “One photo was altered so I looked tanned and I was angry because I love my snow-white skin. I rock it. There are a few covers coming out that I’m frightened about. I’ve said, ‘Do you think Beyonce releases a picture she hasn’t approved?’ They shoot me down. I think they’re lying.”


7. Meghan Knows How to Have a Ton of Fun

Have you ever been to an M-Train concert? If you haven’t you are seriously missing out. Meghan loves to have a blast on stage, have fun with her fans and pump up the good vibes. She’s a BOSS on stage and makes sure that everyone else feels the same way during her performance.


8. She Empowers Self Love

If you could take away one thing from Meghan Trainor, it’s this: she empowers women to love their bodies! Her first and greatest single talks about the greatness of loving yourself just the way you are and embracing everything that makes you unique! 

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