10 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait to See Mia Stammer In Chat. Like. Love.

#1 She's hilarious... like really hilarious

Mia Stammer, you beautiful, hilarious rainbow of a woman. We cannot get enough of this girl, which is great news for us because she’ll be starring in AwesomenessTV‘s new series, Chat. Like. Love. (which by the way, you can catch episodes early on AwesomenessTV.com starting Tuesday).

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To celebrate the fantastic news, here are ten reasons why we’re mad about Mia.

1. She’s hilarious…like really hilarious

If you subscribe to Mia’s YouTube channel, you already know this. From tearing her large intestine to explaining why she’s been AWOL, she always has us in tears (the good kind). Oh! And have you seen her series How to Tell on ATV? You’ll DIE laughing.

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2. She is totally inspirational

Mia started her YouTube channel after a boring Summer day; while watching countless YouTube videos, she decided to try it for herself. Now if that isn’t inspo to just get out there and create, we don’t know what is! Thanks, girl.


3. Her Instagram is a magical rainbow filled fountain of positive vibes 

Have you checked out her Instagram lately?! Just clicking on her bio puts us in our happy place. The colors! The food! The smiles! Positive vibes only here.


4. She just might have the cutest dog ever

Meet Ken. We kinda want to steal him…JK, JK, kind of…


5. Hair goals. Absolute hair goals.

Teach us your ways, Mia!

me thinking of my dog 🐶

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6. She’s bringing some diversity to the industry

Raise your hand if you want more diversity on your screen (*raises hand emphatically*). Did you know Mia is Japanese-American? We love that she’s diversifying the digital world.

I practically wear this outfit everyday 😅💓

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7. She’s clearly a great friend 

Ovaries before brovaries. That’s our motto, and it looks like it’s Mia’s too. All her best friend posts literally melt our hearts and make us want to send an embarrassing ugly Snap to our BFF. Look at them! How cute.

on top of the world with my best friend 👭✨

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8. Style goals. 

Mia, can you please let us borrow that hat? Or that perfectly distressed denim jacket? Pleassse?


9. She’s just as obsessed with food as we are 

Who else saw her Insta caption from last week? “I’ve had Taco Bell every single day this year except for today and yesterday.” Taco bout favorite lady ever. And look at these donuts. Where can we get these!? (PS: Great donut pun btw, Mia.)

i donut know what to caption this 😏💓

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10. She’s not afraid to branch out 

Last but certainly not least, Mia has no fears when it comes to branching out. Although she started on YouTube with amazing hair tutorials, she’s now diving into scripted comedy. Her latest project, Chat. Like. Love., is a romantic-comedy series that follows Mia’s character as she falls in love with a guy online…who lives across the pond. We *literally* cannot wait.


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