11 Adorable Pics of Girls Wearing Their Moms’ Dresses To Prom

11 Adorable Pics of Girls Wearing Their Moms' Dresses To Prom

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What’s better than regular fashion inspo? Vintage mom fashion inspo.

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We are in love with the images below that feature girls who have dusted off their mother’s old prom dresses and repurposed them for a totally classic look.

From the classic LBD to quintessential 90s chic, these ladies have rocked what their mommas gave them.

1. This girl wasn’t happy with the dress she ordered online, so she raided her mom’s closet and found this 1995 stunner.

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2. Life rule: blue never goes out of fashion.


3. 25 years later, the LBD is still a classic.


4. They even rocked the same clutch. (P.S. cannot get over their matching smiles!)


4. Proof that the 1980s did have some fashion do’s. Also, this photo re-creation is everything.


5. This 1988 dress rocked prom once again in 2017. (Bless this mother for keeping those sequins in such good shape.)


6. 1990 or 2015? A bright red dress, dangly earrings, and an up-do is perfect, then and now.


7. #Chokers. Literally all trends come back around if you wait long enough.


8. Definitely #Twinning. Also #Winning.

#Twinning #MomsPromDress

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9. “Me at prom on the left in 1990. My daughter in my dress going to her prom in 2014,” Ms. Stures wrote on her Facebook.


10. Reason #245 why we wish we were teens in the 1990s.


11. “Wore the dress my mum made when she was 17. In 1987. And wore it to my senior ball last weekend (2017) 😊,” Bekah Hancox wrote on her Facebook. 

Swoon. Like mother like daughter. Who needs shopping?

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