The 8 Best Movies To Watch After a Breakup

Grab your blanket and some ice cream

The 8 Best Movies To Watch After a Breakup


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You broke up with bae, and it hurts. You’ve cried. You’ve blocked him on all your social media accounts, and now it’s time to gather up your cozy blanket and fave snacks, and veg out to the these movies stat.

Because, even though you WILL get over him (and you really will), sometimes all a heartbroken girl needs is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and some Netflix.


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1. Bridget Jones’s Diary

If anyone understands your pain of not wanting to be all by yourself anymore, it’s Bridget. Her love triangle with OG British cuties Colin Firth and Hugh Grant will make you laugh, and, hopefully, inspire you to take a chance on someone who didn’t make the best first impression. Who knows? He could like you, just as you are.


2. Under the Tuscan Sun

Diane Lane’s Frances gets dumped, only to find herself — and not to mention a hot Italian stud — when she moves to a gorgeous villa in Tuscany, Italy. The scenery, the new friendships she forges, and the new life she creates for herself will inspire you to chase your own bella vita.


3. Legally Blonde

If it weren’t for her breakup at the beginning of the movie, Elle Woods would have NEVER gone to Harvard, would never have become a kick*ss lawyer, and wouldn’t have met and dated cutie Luke Wilson. Think about that.


4. Sliding Doors

A ’90s gem, this is Gywneth Paltrow at her most Gwyneth-ness. When she discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her, she has a literal life change — the movie splits into two different timelines when she misses a subway train — and it’s soooo satisfying when she tells (*spoiler!*) her ex bye not once, but twice!


5. The Holiday

After Cameron Diaz discovers her boyfriend’s infidelity and Kate Winslet’s ex announces his engagement TO HER FACE, they swap houses at Christmas. In the end, Cam gets Jude Law and Kate finds love with Jack Black, and it’s super dreamy and romantic, and you’ll want to watch it over and over.


6. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts is a monster in this movie, but you’ll totally identify with her obsession to win back the guy friend who she’s always loved. The ending is a tough lesson in love — sometimes you don’t get what you want — but in the end, you’ll always have your best friend(s), and sometimes that’s the best kind of love out there.


7. Before Sunrise

Another ’90s classic, this movie is about two travelers — an American guy and a French girl — who cross paths on a train and decide to visit Vienna together for just one night. It’s romantic and enchanting, and it will remind you to take chances because you never know what kind of awesome adventures — and cute guys — are around the corner.


8. Crazy Stupid Love

Love is crazy and stupid, and sometimes the guy we think is into us (we’re talking about you, Josh Groban!) turns out to be a real dork. But chin up, girl, because Ryan Gosling with abs for days will soon sweep you off your feet, Dirty Dancing style.


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