Take a Bite Out of National Fast Food Day with These Mouth-Watering Meal Deals


‘Tis the holiday season, and if you’re like us, the gift that brings the most joy during this special time of year is food. From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving turkey to candy canes at Christmastime, stuffing our faces with the delicious delights of the season never stales.

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And one oft-forgotten holiday in particular, sandwiched between Halloween and Thanksgiving, has got our stomachs growling in a major way: National Fast Food Day!

Observed annually on November 16th (that’s today!), fast foodies from across the country celebrate this special day by driving-thru, dining in, or grabbing burgers and fries to-go from their favorite guilty pleasure go-tos.

In honor of this hallowed holiday, and in recognition of your hunger, we’re serving up a super-sized portion of delectable meal deals and  promotions from fast food joints around the country that are sure to make your mouth water. Keep scrolling for the can’t-miss deals!

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Sprinkle me happy. 🍩 (📸: @barshapira)

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Dunkin’ Donuts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start off National Fast Food Day right by taking a bite out of this ridiculously delicious Dunkin’ Donuts’ deal: $5 gets you two — count ’em, TWO! — bacon, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches.

Craving something a little sweeter? Grab 10 Munchkin Donut Holes for just $1.99, or a single donut for only .99 cents.

Want more perks? Download the DD Perks app to collect rewards points on every Dunkin’ Donuts purchase. America does run on Dunkin’!


Just a few of my favorite things.

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Taco Bell

Hear that? That’s the sound of countless Bell heads buzzing on over to Taco Bell to grab a piece of this spicy deal. The Bell’s Dollar Cravings Menu satisfies with decadently diet-breaking plates, like cheesy Triple Layer Nachos, picante Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadillas, and drool-worthy Beefy Fritos Burritos (packed with real Fritos corn chips!), a dish no doubt straight out of our late-night dorm room dreams — all for $1 each.


After school vibes.

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Burger King

All hail, Burger King! From this benevolent, burger-loving fast food industry, score two cheeseburgers, one small fries, and one small drink for a mere $3.49 today. Two burgers too much? Order from His Royal Highness’s Value Menu, on which single items like BK’s classic sandwiches, sides, and cookies cost between $1 and $3.



Stop this train. We’re starving and we want to get off! Make Subway your one-stop sandwich shop and enjoy their $6 Footlong Sub of the Day special available daily. That’s a different subway sandwich every single day of the week! (Today’s sub: Italian B.M.T., FYI).

Six-inch sub more your speed? Cut the Sub of the Day in half for just $3.50. Or join Subway’s email list to receive members-only coupons and discounts on select menu items.



McDonald’s may have retired its drool-worthy Dollar Menu in 2014, but the french-fried founders of the world’s most popular fast food chain will not leave you out in the cold with empty stomachs.

Sink your teeth into the Mickey D’s Extra Value Meal deals, like the chain’s classic Big Mac with fries and a drink for around $3.99.

Want more? Download the McDonald’s app for location-exclusive BOGO deals on your favorite items across the menu.



The Colonel says, “Fill ‘er up!” And when the Colonel speaks, you better listen. Feast your eyes, friends, on this finger-lickin’ deal: 2-piece chicken meal, side of mashed potatoes, cookie, and medium drink for only $5. It’s called the KFC $5 Fill-Up — and it’s calling your name!

Trade out the classic chicken for extra crispy tenders or go hard on one of the Colonel’s famous bowls. Still just $5, y’all. YEE HAW!


Game's on. Pizza's hot🔥.

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Pizza Hut

You know what they say about pizza: Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. We don’t know about you, but Pizza Hut pizza has never let us down in the taste department. And now, they’re doing us one even better by satisfying our taste buds at a price we can afford.

Planning an intimate evening alone? Take advantage of the Hut’s large two-topping pizza deal for just $7.99 when you order online. Or invite a special friend over to help you polish off the $13 Dinner Box with a regular pizza (about eight slices), breadsticks, and baked cinnamon sticks.



The fast food industry’s precocious kid sister knows the secret to making friends: Offer tasty treats at low prices. Case in point: Wendy’s 4 for $4 meal deal, which includes your choice of Wendy’s classic Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger or Crispy Chicken BLT, plus a four-piece chicken nuggets, small fries, and a small drink — all for just $4.

But don’t forget to save room for dessert. A small Wendy’s Classic Frosty costs only .99 cents. Us + Wendy’s = BFFs!

Happy National Fast Food Day!

Kitty Lindsay
Kitty Lindsay

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