Everything You Need to Know About Stashing


Everything You Need to Know About Stashing


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There’s a new awful dating trend that’s way worse than ghosting (if that’s even possible). It’s called stashing, and it’s pretty gross.

Have you ever dated someone for months who you were totally crazy about, tagged them in your Instagram and Facebook photos, even introduced them to your parents, but they failed to acknowledge your relationship publicly? If you have, that’s called stashing — which is when your bae refuses to introduce you to his fam or friends, basically ‘stashing’ you in a closet.

Here’s why ‘stashing’ happens and what you should do if you think you’ve been stashed (hint: tell that boy, bye).

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Why it Happens

Stashing usually occurs in a more casual relationship. You might have hardcore feelings for your bae, but you haven’t officially defined your relationship yet, which, in itself, is a possible sign that his feelings might not be as strong as yours. Your bae might think your relationship has an expiration date on it (meaning he isn’t thinking long-term) so he’s not in any rush to introduce you to his family or friends. Basically, you’re not THAT important, and, yes, that’s hurtful AF.


What Are the Signs?

If you’ve been seeing someone for a few months and haven’t officially met his parents or hung out with him and his friends, then you’re probably being stashed. Another sign? Refusing to take photos with you, and/or refusing to post them on his Snapchat or Instagram feeds. Basically anything that requires a public acknowledgment of your relationship won’t happen with someone who’s stashing you.


What You Should Do

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why your bae hasn’t made it Instagram official with you yet, or made plans for a family dinner at his parents’ house. He could be taking his time, making sure that you’re the right girl to introduce his Mom and Dad to. He could also be worried that you might not get along with his friends, which would upset him and cause possible dramz. Another reason might be his extreme needy for privacy. Maybe he just doesn’t want the world to know about your relationship.


However, if you’ve made an effort to include him into your life, meaning he’s met your parents, he’s hung out with your squad AND you’ve posted pics of the two of you on your social media feed, then you have every right to ask him what’s up. Remember: you deserve to be with someone who is proud to be with you, and is excited to show you off. If you feel that you aren’t receiving the respect you deserve from bae, then it’s time to tell that boy, bye.