Things You Didn’t Know About The New Cast Members Of ’13 Reasons Why’

Season 2 will be #lit

13 Reasons Why was a breakout show that had everyone talking. Of course, everyone’s already anxious to see the second season make its way to Netflix. Seasons 2 will reportedly reveal even more about Hannah Baker and include many shocking and eye-opening moments. It was recently announced that the show added some new cast members, and we’re so excited to see these new characters grace our Netflix screens.

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Here are some things we bet you didn’t know about the new additions to the “13 Reasons Why” cast:


1. Anne Winters

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We’re so excited to see Anne Winters become a part of an already stellar cast. She’s a brilliant, familiar face, as she is also a part of the AwesomenessTV fam, having worked on the highly anticipated upcoming series, “Zac & Mia.”

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2. Bryce Cass

Okay, we’re totally swooning over Bryce Cass. Not only is he immensely talented, but he’s also oh, so handsome. A fun fact about Bryce is that he kicked off his acting career at a very young age on “Barney & Friends.”


3. Allison Miller

Believe it or not, Allison Miller was actually born in Rome, Italy. She’s been a part of many great projects including “17 Again,” meaning she worked with our #MCM, Zac Efron.


4. Chelsea Alden

You might recognize Chelsea Alden from “American Horror Story,” and we’re so excited to see her in the new season of “13 Reasons Why.”


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5. Kelli O’Hara

Yup, this actress that’s been nominated for a Tony Award multiple times will be joining the cast of “13 Reasons Why.” Just another reason why you’ve got to see it!


6. Ben Lawson

Did you know Ben Lawson was actually born in Brisbane, Australia?! We love this Aussie actor, and we are so ready to see him in season 2 of this show.

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7. Samantha Logan

Samantha Logan is one triple threat that we know is going to totally slay her performance in “13 Reasons Why.” Not only is she a terrific actress, she’s also a singer and a dancer!

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