5 Times Niki And Gabi Were #TwinGoals

these two make us wish we had a twin

Niki and Gabi are definitely our baes for life. They bring out some of the greatest videos on their YouTube channel that we’re totally guilty of binge-watching, they’re amazing singers, and they are phenomenal fashion icons. These two definitely make us wish we had a twin. But since most of us don’t, we’re highlighting five times that Niki and Gabi were #TwinGoals!

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1. When they release incredible music together.

Whenever Niki and Gabi release new covers or some original music, you can always count on us listening to it over and over again. We love their extraordinary singing voices and their song, “First”, is definitely one of our most played songs on our iPhones.

#FIRST coming #JAN2 11 days 💙 let the countdown begin @gabi #coverart

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2. When they slayed their awesome tour together.

Niki and Gabi’s tour was one word: epic. They had a wonderful time performing on stage and even bringing some of their fantastic friends with them on tour. Of course, these lovely ladies were super sweet to all of their fans they met on tour and they definitely gave them all a memorable experience.


3. The time they met Selena Gomez.

We can never forget when Niki and Gabi met the one and only Selena Gomez at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This is definitely one of our all-time favorite photos ever. They all look so stunning!


4. Every time they rock the red carpet together.

Niki and Gabi are definitely our fashion inspirations. They wear the cutest outfits and they look oh, so chic everywhere and anywhere they go. Needless to say, we totally want to live in their closets and they always look extraordinary posing on the red carpet together.


5. Their nominations at award shows.

What better way to get nominated for something than getting nominated with your twin sister?! Niki and Gabi’s outstanding talent and hard work is always recognized and they even have been nominated at prestigious award shows including the Teen Choice Awards, the Streamy Awards and more. We’re always so proud of them!


Be sure to keep up with Niki and Gabi in “Niki and Gabi Spring Break” which premiered today!


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