Our 5 Favorite Todrick Hall Videos

Get ready to escape down the Todrick rabbit hole

We wish we could just spend one day inside the brilliant, punny, sparkly, witty, musical mind of Todrick Hall. As far as we know, that’s not possible (if someone knows a way to do this, please DM us STAT).

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Now, while we wait for those DMs to start rolling in, what’s the next best thing, you ask? Binge watch hours of Todrick’s videos on YouTube of course. We’ll even kick off your high-quality procrastination session for you. Here our are top five favorite Todrick Hall creations.

And we’re off! Enjoy!

1. The Wizards of Ahhhs

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2. Wind it Up

3. McDonalds Drive Thru Song 

4. I Wanna Be on Glee

5. Taylor 

After you’ve come back from Todrick Video Rabit Hole, let us know which videos are your favorite!

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