7 Ways to Make Your Phone’s Low Battery Last Longer

7 Ways to Make Your Phone’s Low Battery Last Longer


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Your phone’s at 33% battery. You’re nervous but handling it fairly well. Then, you look down and BAM: the dreaded thin red line is upon you. You breathe in to calm yourself, but then, UTTER PANIC SETS IN. Your phone is totally going to die, and you don’t have a charger! What if your crush texts you but you can’t text them back, and they think you’re over it!? What if you need an Uber?! What if your mom calls and thinks you’ve been kidnapped so she sends your whole town out as a rescue squad!?

Listen, everything is going to be okay. We promise. Because now, you have hacks to make your low battery last longer. Let’s dive in.

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1. Turn your phone to “low-power mode”

When your phone hits 20% and serves you that annoying popup (YES! We KNOW our battery’s dying!), it gives you the option to turn on your low-power mode. Always select this option. We also suggest, however, turning it on as soon as you start worrying about your battery. The battery will turn yellow when you’ve enabled it, and it will affect these features to help save your battery: Siri, email fetch, brightness, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and auto-lock (defaults to 30 seconds).

How to do it: Setting > Battery > Low Power Mode

2. Dim your brightness

Who knew your screen’s light was the biggest battery suck? Turns out, it is. While low-power mode does dim your brightness a bit, we suggest you go into your settings and dim that puppy alllll the way down. Another great way to make sure your screen light isn’t being overused is to adjust the auto-lock timer, so your phone isn’t just sitting there all lit up when you’re not using it.

Go to Settings > General >Auto-Lock > Change to 30 Seconds

3. Don’t even think about using any map apps 

Someone else can look up directions cause you have a serious battery sitch on your hands. But seriously, besides the light that lights up your screen, these directions apps are serious battery suckers.

4. Go on airplane mode

Obviously, this isn’t ideal. I mean… what if Alex from World History texts you? But, it’s especially important to go on airplane mode if you don’t have a good signal. Your phone will be wasting a lot of battery trying to search for something that just isn’t there. So if you’re underground or driving through most of Oklahoma, turn it to airplane mode.

5. Don’t stream things

Okay, you definitely already know this one, but we just need to remind you that when you’re stressed about your phone dying, it’s not the right time to binge Netflix. If you really do need something to pass the time, stick to something you’ve already downloaded.

6. Make sure to stay on WiFi

We always forget when we’ve turned off our WiFi. You too? Well, make sure you’re always on it when you’re stressed about your phone’s battery.

7. Don’t worry about background apps

We just saved you 30-seconds! There’s no need to go swiping out of all those background apps you left open. It doesn’t effect your battery at all!