Three Year Old Wanted Poop Themed Birthday Party

And it was fabulous

Alright, we’ve officially found our spirit animal; meet little 3-year-old party pooper, Audrey.

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When Audrey’s parents asked what theme she wanted for her birthday bash, Audrey insisted on poop, and wouldn’t back down.

“For months, any time we would talk about her party, she said she wanted ‘poop balloons and poop cake,’” Audrey’s mother, Rebecca, told CBS News. “We tried to suggest other ideas, but every time we asked it was always poop.” And with that, her parents committed to the theme wholeheartedly.

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Rebeca dressed up as 💩, there was a poop pinata filled with tootsie rolls and Hershey Kisses, and, of course, the cake followed the theme as well.

The coolest birthday party ever went viral just recently, and Audrey is lovin’ it.“I told her that a bunch of people are looking at pictures of her poop party and think it’s so funny and cool,” Audrey’s mom explained. “Dr. Oz just mentioned it and she’s watched it over and over. She says she wants to be a doctor, so she thought it was awesome a doctor was talking about it.”

How cool is this mom for letting her daughter’s freak flag fly?? “I love that we’ll look back at pictures and it will represent our quirky girl at three,” Rebecca expressed. Awww.

Now, we just wonder what Audrey’s fourth birthday will be like. Can we please get an invite?

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