10 Ways to Practice Self Love This Week

#1 Say no to something you really don't want to do

Gahhhh. Life can be so darn stressful sometimes (read: all the time). The more hectic it gets, the harder it can be to decompress once you’re already wrapped up in your full speed tornado of anxiety. That’s why we say plan ahead. This week, life most likely will throw you some curve balls (it always does), but now, you’ll be more prepared. Try practicing these 10 tips, and we guarantee any curve, fast or screwballs pitched your way will be much more manageable.

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This week:

1. Say no to something you really don’t want to do

Simple as that.

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10 Ways to Practice Self Love This Week: Maya Rudolph

2. Say yes to something you really want to do

This means even if you tell yourself you “don’t have time.” Prioritizing things that bring you joy will only help you with you that essay you have to write, the test you have to study for, and the tough convo you have to have with you bf. Put yourself first.

3. Try meditating

I always thought meditating was a little intimidating, like I needed to find the color of my aura before I could try it. So not true. Meditating is for everyone. Check out Headspace, an awesome meditating-made-simple app, that will help you get started.

4. Take a bubble bath

I’ve recently been reading Oprah’s “What I Know For Sure” because, well, Oprah is an absolute goddess. I’ve always found bubble baths to be my go-to relaxation method, and guess what!? Oprah does her best thinking in the bath, too! Next time you’re stressed, try a bubble bath and throw in a few scented candles.

10 Ways to Practice Self Love This Week: Oprah Bubble Bath

5. Cook something delicious

If I’m honest, cooking is my meditation. There’s something about using my hands and reading the recipe that blocks out all that extra noise. So turn up some great music and whip up something delicious. Nothing feeds the soul like a great meal, amiright?

6. Say what you really mean

There’s nothing more powerful than saying what we really mean or asking for what we truly want. I’m guilty of beating around the bush a bit when speaking up, and it leaves me feeling totally crumby. So this week, if you need to ask for something or talk to someone about something, be 100% honest with your words. As Maya Angelou says, “Ask for what you want, and be prepared to get it.”

7. Journal

You know it’s true; there’s just nothing like journaling to keep you sane.

8. Create a morning routine 

Aka–do something nice for yourself BEFORE you shove your phone in your face. Maybe, wake up, think about what you’re looking forward to for the day, make some tea, and THEN check your email and phone. People always seem to make “morning routines” so damn exhausting: journaling, yoga, cook a healthy breakfast. It doesn’t need to be that complicated unless that’s what you like. My advice, don’t set yourself up for failure; make it simple.

9. Take more breaks

I’m the type of person that when I need to get something done, I chain myself to the desk until it’s complete. Guess how I feel after? Sh*tty and drained. You deserve to take 10 minutes all for yourself doing something totally mindless throughout the day. This week, while studying, try taking a 10-minute walk, simply take a play with your dog break, or create that playlist you’ve been saying you’ll do forever. Breaks aren’t lazy, they’re necessary.

10. Binge some TV cell phone free 

I truly believe the greatest joy in life is decompressing from the day with some great tv. This time, leave your phone in the other room for an hour. The first time you leave your baby will be harder than you think, but man it will soon become the perfect me time you deserve.

10 Ways to Practice Self Love This Week: Amy Schumer

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