19 Punny Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together at the Last Minute

These are pun-tastic

19 Punny Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together at the Last Minute

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Halloween is fast-approaching and that means it’s time to figure out your costume game — STAT. Maybe you’re getting major costume anxiety, feeling like you’ve waited too long to make/rent/buy anything great. Maybe you’re fed up with the lack of variety in the costume aisle and can’t stand the idea of wearing the same costume as five other people at every Halloween event you attend.

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Or maybe you’re just a procrastinator or an avid DIY-ey, or some beautiful combination of the two and you’re looking for a costume you can put together yourself that will showcase your incredible creativity and wit. If you are literally any of the above, this list is here to save your Halloween.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a good pun costume. They’re often easy to DIY, meaning there’s still time. They’re crowd-pleasers (you won’t get tired of the knowing laughs and compliments on your clever costume idea). And, most importantly, they let you show off what makes you you.

Here are 19 punny costumes you can put together at the last minute:

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1. R E on a Grande (aka Ariana Grande)

Grab some poster board to create your Starbucks cup costume and add an R and an E to the top. Bonus points if you sport Ari’s signature sky-high ponytail.

R E on a grande. [Ariana Grande] #puncostume

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2. Starbucks

This one does require some cash (or at least some Monopoly money). Take a few dollar bills (whether they’re real or fake) and tape stars to them. Pin the star-emblazoned “bucks” to a plain T-shirt and you’re good to go.


3. French KISS 

Grab some black and white face paint (your local dollar store is a great place to find some, especially around Halloween) and mimic the rock and roll makeup of KISS. Dress in your best French look (a black and white striped shirt and beret if you have them) and voilà: You’re a French KISS.

🍞🍞🍞 @sergiovargas_ #monamour #baguette #frenchkiss #frenchkisscostume

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Bonus: You can invite three friends to join you for this one.

4. 50 Shades of Gray

Head to your local hardware store (Lowe’s and Home Depot are great) and grab a handful of gray paint sample cards (they’re usually free or very cheap). Tape (or staple or glue, if you want something more permanent) them to a shirt and you’re a walking ~50 Shades.~


5. A Formal Apology

Pull out your homecoming dress and create a homemade “I’m Sorry” sash to be a “formal apology.”


6. Pumpkin Pi

A pumpkin is a classic costume and easy to do — an oversized orange shirt is the main thing you need. Add a Pi symbol to the front and you’re Pumpkin Pi. Perfect for the math majors out there.


7. Bag of Eminems 

If you have access to a garbage bag and a printer, you can put together this “Bag of Eminems” costume in minutes.


8. Hole Foods

This one is easy: Draw your favorite foods (or print out pictures of them or cut pictures out of magazines if you’re not the artistic type) and cut holes in the middle. Tape the hole-y foods to a shirt and you’re dressed to impress.


9. Insta Gram

Borrow the best old lady clothes you can from your grandma and draw a version of the Instagram logo to carry around to be “Insta Gram.”


10. Dunkin’ Donut

Go through the summer clearance sales and find a donut pool float (or any circular float — you can decorate it like a donut if you need to). Then dress in basketball shorts and a jersey and you’re a “Dunkin’ Donut.”


11. Ceiling Fan

All you have to do for this costume is find a cheap, plain shirt and write “GO CEILING” on it. Pom-poms are optional. You can also be a more casual fan of ceilings.


12. Jack in a Box

Have an empty cardboard box lying around? Cut the bottom out and attach some string to hang it from your shoulders. Write “Hello my name is JACK” on the box (you can go all out to recreate a name tag or do something more low-key).

Jack In The Box #puncostume #stume

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13. Holy Guacamole 

Take a green shirt and tape pictures of avocados to it. Add a halo or angel wings (you might have some lying around from an old costume, but if not, they’re easy to make at home or pick up cheap last minute at almost any Halloween store).

Holy guacamole #punnycostume

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14. Lavender Brown 

This one’s for the Harry Potter fans: A piece of cardboard that looks like a paint sample is all you really need. That, and a marker. Write Lavender and the numerical code of a shade of brown (it can be real or made up — people aren’t likely to fact check your costume or get mad if it’s not 100 percent accurate).


15. Identity Thief 

Grab a black hoodie and a pack of name tag stickers. Write a bunch of names that aren’t your own on the stickers and BAM, you’re an identity thief.


16. Iron Chef

Find an old apron and write “Fe” on it — it’s the periodic table symbol for iron. Your chemistry prof will probably give you extra credit for this one.


17. Negative Space

Take any black outfit (a dress works, but so would leggings and a T-shirt) and tape on drawings of the planets and sun all sporting sad faces. Now you’re negative space.


18. French Toast

This one is a lot like French KISS. Dress in your best French look and add a drawing of a piece of bread and you’re French Toast.


19. A Blessing in Disguise

Make a name tag that says “Blessing” and put on your best disguise (maybe it’s silly glasses like this, maybe it’s a simple mustache drawn on with eyeliner).

#happyhalloween #punnycostume #blessingindesguise

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Happy punning!

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Kayleigh Roberts

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