Royal Throwback: What You Need To Know Before You Watch Royal Crush Season 4

Together at last or together for never?

The waiting game is finally over: Royal Crush Season 4 starts Monday November 21st! Here are a few royal throwbacks to refresh your memory.

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Season 1: Love at First Tangle

Season one had tangles, miscommunication, and connections. It was love at first tangle for Sebastian and Desi, but it didn’t end there.

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Don’t you just hate it when you and your cousin fall for the same guy? Typical girl on girl stealing.

Sebastian wasn’t the only thing getting stolen. Stolen identities and secrets were involved but soon exposed with a new spark.

Season 2: Broken Hearts, Confessions, and Second Chances

Season two had broken hearts and ex drama, but most importantly second chances. Desi was able to look past the drama and got a well deserved apology ending on a high note…Sebastian’s high notes to be exact.

Reunited and it feels so good..until it doesn’t. Being reunited was a blast until a certain someone showed up.

Keep calm and sing on. Nothing says i’m sorry like Sebastian’s high notes and a heart filling “I love you”.

Season 3: Girl Trip..until it wasn’t

The girls trip gets hijacked real quick with new couples and rekindling this season. Paige and Oliver plot to bring Sebastian and Desi back together and it blows up in their face at first.

Sometimes, plans have a plan of their own! New couples form as Sebastian and Desi rediscover their love.


After Desi uncovers the plan and puts her frustrations with her friends aside, she accepts the path that lead her and Sebastian together. However, history can repeat itself so we are going to wait and see what happens with these two lovers on their journey.

Season 4: More is yet to come: New Chapter, New love? 
Season 4 is going to blow you away with new plans on the rise! Be sure to watch the first three seasons to catch up and get prepared to be amazed by season 4 surprises.

Check out the official season 4 trailer here!