These School Supplies Will Give You That Perfect Instagram Aesthetic

Do it for the 'gram

These School Supplies Will Give You That Perfect Instagram Aesthetic


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Even though it feels like summer just started, back-to-school season is here. Everyone knows the best part of going back to school is buying all new notebooks and pens and planners, and we’ve found the most aesthetically pleasing options out there for you. You know, so you’re first day of school Instagram can be the most like-worthy possible.

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1. Inspirational Pencils

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Sometimes you need some kind words to help you get through the school day. These colorful pencils tell you only nice things, like “Follow Your Dreams” and “Live With Passion.” Just don’t let anyone borrow them — we doubt you’ll get them back.

instagram worthy school supplies inspirational pencils

Image Source: The Happiness Planner

2. Daily Planner

Nothing screams Instagram more than pale pink and gold, and this minimalist planner has both. Something about having French words on your planner also feels very chic and like you’ve spent the summer traveling.

instagram worthy school supplies pink notebook

Image Source: Mochi Things

3. Pastel Highlighters

You’re going to highlight even the most unimportant sentences in your books when you’ve got these adorable pastel highlighters in hand. And the assortment of six shades means you can easily color code everything for easier access later.

instagram worthy school supplies rainbow highlighter

Image Source: Kawaii Pen Shop

4. Golden Scissors

Were you living your life thinking you didn’t need a pair of golden scissors? You didn’t even realize what you were missing. Imagine how much more exciting any kind of arts and crafts project will be now that you’ve got these.

instagram worthy school supplies gold scissors

Image Source: Target

5. Geode Folders

Your important papers are precious, just like geodes. Plus, the gold foil details will look amazing in your Instas. These show stopping folders are ones you definitely won’t lose track of throughout the year.

instagram worthy school supplies geode file folders

Image Source: Paper Source

6. Clever Erasers

These erasers will make you smile every time you make a mistake. What could be better?

instagram worthy school supplies whoops erasers

Image Source: Forever 21

7. Magical Clipboard

The beautiful soft colors in this clipboard complemented by the big gold clip make this a perfect choice for your #BTS Instagram. And the calligraphy is an extra special touch.

instagram worthy school supplies create your own magic clipboard

Image Source: Paper Source

8. Pencil Case

Nothing is more Instagram-esque than tropical leaves. Not to mention, with this pattern on your pencil case, you’ll be reminded of sweet, sweet summer all school year long.

instagram worth school supplies tropical leaf pencil case

Image Source: Etsy

9. Gold Pen Set

There’s no way you’ll be loaning these out. (And if someone snags one from your bag, you’ll be able to recognize it immediately!) Best part about this set is that even the box it comes in is Instagram worthy.

instagram worthy school supplies gold pen set

Image Source: Papyrus

10. Minimalist Backpack

This backpack comes in five soft colors, and the minimalist design is totally Instagram chic. You can even try adding some trendy iron-on patches to customize it and make it 100% yours.

instagram worthy school supplies minimalist backpack

Image Source: Sanresnse

11. Holographic Notebook

A holographic notebook? Yes, please. It even has a lovely Tiffany blue elastic closure to keep all your notes safe.

instagram worthy school supplies holographic notebook

Image Source: Paperchase

Put any of these items on your back to school shopping list, and hopefully they’ll make September a little more fun. Or at least get you loads of Instagram likes!

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