Why Seeing a Concert Alone Is an Amazing Experience


If you think going to a concert alone sounds like a downright horrible idea — no one to talk to, share the experience with, or split the costs — I’m here to try and take away that stigma.

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I can’t help you with the cost of parking, but I can say that there are some distinct advantages to going to a show by yourself.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with doing anything alone. 

We have to try and banish the idea that spending quality time by yourself is something shameful! If your favorite artist is coming to town and you can’t find anyone to go see them with you, the real tragedy would be you missing the show altogether.

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You can come and go whenever you want. 

When you go to a concert by yourself, you don’t have to answer to anyone else. Want to skip the opening act? Want to leave before the encore? Want to stand outside the venue for three hours before the show starts in hopes of seeing your fave walk inside? It’s all 100 percent up to you!

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You can make new friends. 

When you’re by yourself in a crowd, you can strike up a conversation with the people sitting around you to make the experience feel less lonely. You may even find other people who came alone, too, and are grateful for someone to chat with!

You all share the same love for the performer you’re about to see, so it’s easy to find common ground. (And if you don’t want to talk to anybody, that’s perfectly fine, too.)

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You can get a better ticket. 

This is, in my opinion, the best reason to go to a concert alone. There are two opportunities in which buying a single ticket can work to your advantage: buying a ticket when they first go on sale, and buying a secondhand ticket later.

If you’re buying a ticket right when they’re released, chances are most people are buying tickets in groups, so extra single seats get left behind — sometimes the best seats in the house! — which gives you a much better chance at a great ticket.

If you’re buying a ticket secondhand closer to the show date, people may have realized they can no longer attend and are looking to sell just one ticket, which isn’t always easy to do because people don’t want to go alone — but you do!

This may force them to sell a good ticket well below face value, and you get to bank on those savings (and have more money for merch).

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Truthfully, while it may seem nicer to have a friend next to you during the show, you’ll both be staring straight ahead the whole time anyway.

And if you’re worried about getting a pic of yourself at the show (and let’s be honest, pics or it didn’t happen) just ask somebody standing nearby to snap your picture with the stage behind you. You’ll have just as a good a time flying solo as you would’ve with company — and nobody will know the difference when you post on Instagram.

Jackie Kolgraf
Jackie Kolgraf

Jackie lives in the suburbs of Boston with her dachshund and corgi. She loves flowers, snow, One Direction, and bad TV. When she's not writing about pop culture, she's probably reading about it.