This Guy Took His Senior Pictures at Taco Bell and They Are Hilarious Yet Stunning

Truly inspired

Meet Andrew McBurnie. He’s way cooler than I’ll ever be. When he decided he wanted to do something a little more inspired for his Senior portraits, he knew just the place: his beloved Taco Bell. So Andrew and his photographer friend, Wesley Taylor, headed to their favorite hangout joint to snap a few pictures, and the result? Well, let’s just say we could eat them up. 

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“The spot I took the photos in is where I’ve sat every time with my friends throughout high school,” he told BuzzFeed News.

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But the shoot wasn’t all fun and games. Andrew revealed, “…the hardest part of the shoot was having to hold the food without eating it. It only took maybe 10 minutes, but having a taco in hand that long was torturous.” What willpower, Drew!  

Andrew plans to head off to Olivet Nazarene University where he’ll be studying Film Production and Musical Theater. Do you think kids in his class will recognize him as the Taco Bell guy? I mean, even Taco Bell tweeted the pics! 

What a way to leave your mark on this taco loving world! We salute you.

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