How to Shake Off an Embarrassing Moment

#3 Use the 5x5x5 rule

Ah, embarrassing moments. Those little five seconds of agony that literally make you want to change your name, move to a rural town in Nebraska and become a corn farmer (and you don’t even like corn!). Aren’t they super fun!? Nope, not really. But here’s the thing–they are going to happen. They just are. But fret not, with a little practice, it’s super easy to shake them off. Start with these 5 simple tips:

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1. Learn to laugh at yourself.

How you react informs how other people will react. So even if you don’t feel like it inside, fake that you totally think whatever happened was hilarious. This way, people will be laughing with you. And chances are, in about an hour, you’ll actually think it’s really funny too.

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2. Remember, you’re the only one inside your own head.

I once had a ballet teacher pull me aside after class and tell me, “Trust me. No one is watching you. They’re all too obsessed with themselves.” This blew my mind. It’s so true! While you’ll be fixating on your 5 second moment of embarrassment all day, other people will have totally forgotten it. They’ll be on to obsessing over whatever’s going on in their lives in probably about 2 minutes flat. So remember, people are totally more concerned with themselves than with your little moment.

3. Use the 5x5x5 rule 

Ask yourself will this matter in 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years from now? If the answer is no, drop it immediately. If it’s not going to impact your future in half a year or down the road, well, you have more important things to be thinking about. This rule works great for most things you are obsessing about, not just embarrassing moments. How long it will effect you down the road is directly proportionate to the amount of angst and energy you should be giving it.


4. Use it as material.

Come on, you totally know what just happened will make the most hilarious story in a couple of months. Is there anything more charming or hilarious than a well told self-deprecating story? No. It entertains people while informing them you don’t take yourself too seriously. Comedic gold!

5. Shake it off, literally.

What could be better in this excruciating moment than to get some endorphins real fast. Dancing is actually one of the most effective ways to shoot some happiness all over your body. So when you think of that cringe-inducing moment later that night, turn up some music, dance your little heart out for 3 minutes, and shake. it. off.

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5. Remember, it’s totally happened to someone else.

Embarrassing moments are just part of being human. So, remember, this has happened to someone else before, and it will probably happen to someone again tomorrow. We’ve all been embarrassed, and we’re in this little thing called life all together.

6. Let it go.

This is a great time to practice letting sh*t go. Think of the thought that haunts you as a butterfly. You can acknowledge that it’s there, but then, just let it fly on by. It’s a simple but hard thing to do, but you totally got this.

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