6 Times Simone Biles And Jake Miller Were #FriendshipGoals

They're the greatest BFFs

It all started when Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez shared a video of themselves jamming out to singing sensation Jake Miller‘s song, “Overnight.” The rest is history and now Simone Biles and Jake Miller are the two best friends that anyone could have.

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These two have already had some pretty awesome memories together and there are only more coming. Here are six times that Simone Biles and Jake Miller proved they were #FriendshipGoals.

1. Jake Miller and Simone Biles’ first time meeting at the MTV Video Music Awards

It was an instantaneous friendship between Jake Miller and Simone Biles as soon as they first met one another. After Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez shared that video of themselves back in Rio, the two lovely ladies actually got to meet Jake Miller in person backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards and that’s when Simone and Jake’s incredible friendship began.

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2. Simone Biles starring in Jake Miller’s “Overnight” music video

Nothing says #FriendshipGoals better than when Jake Miller chose Simone Biles to be his leading lady in his “Overnight” music video. The music video is so extraordinary and we can’t help but watch it over and over again especially since it stars two of our faves. Plus, it looks like they both had the greatest time working with each other on set.


3. Jake Miller supporting Simone Biles while she was on tour

Best friends who support one another are best friends who stay together. When Simone Biles was on her gymnastics tour, Jake Miller was there to cheer on his super talented friend. So cute!


4. When Jake Miller and Simone Biles became next door neighbors

What are the odds that Simone Biles would end up moving right next door to her terrific friend, Jake Miller?! Well, it looks like the odds were ever in their favor as these two just recently became next door neighbors meaning they can hang out a whole lot more. We definitely wouldn’t mind being neighbors with these two!

Look who just moved in next door 😍

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5. Jake Miller took Simone Biles to get her first tattoo

You know these two are the greatest BFFs when they even celebrate certain milestones together. After finding out that they were neighbors, Jake Miller even took Simone Biles to get her first tattoo, which was a tat of the Olympic rings.


6. Jake Miller supported Simone Biles on Dancing With The Stars 

We just can’t get over how cute these two are. It seems like their friendship happened “overnight” and they created one everlasting bond with one another. It’s always so fantastic to see how much Jake and Simone support each other. In fact, just recently, Jake Miller even showed his support and watched Simone Biles slay the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars.


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