Starbucks Has Another Secret Two-Toned Drink and It’s More Beautiful Than the Last

And it's SOOOOO Instagrammable

A few weeks ago, Starbucks introduced us to its glorious and gorgeous two-toned concoction, the Matcha Pink Drink. It’s almost too beautiful to actually drink.

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Now, Starbucks has done it again, Seventeen reports, with another beautiful, two-toned secret menu item: the Pink Purple Drink. And OH. EM. GEE. It’s so pretty.


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As Seventeen reports, the drink appears to have first been posted by food Instagram @nonstopeats, and is a mixture of the chain’s Pink Drink and Purple Drink (thus the “Pink Purple Drink” name). The only thing better than getting the Pink Purple Drink and Matcha Pink Drink separately is buying both at once because they’re even more photogenic together, somehow.






Honestly, the more colorful Starbucks drinks, the merrier.


Featured Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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