What To Do If You’re Staying Home For Spring Break

Staycations can be the best kind of vacation

It’s finally spring break!! GET HYPE. Hold up, what’s that? It’s fifteen minutes into break and you’re already sitting on the couch bored out of your mind? Smh. Don’t pout about the tropical pictures filling up your Insta feed. You have the power to beat the spring break blues!

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Try out some of these ideas to make your spring staycation the best vacay yet.


Become A Food Connoisseur 

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You can choose absolutely any food type you want – burgers, pizza, sandwiches, juices, guacamole, desserts….personally my favorite is ice cream. Make it your goal to find the decisively best (insert type of food) joint in all the land. Swing by a different restaurant/cafe/coffee shop each day. Be thorough! If you chose ice cream, sample every single flavor – its for research purposes! Don’t want to leave the house? Try different recipes. Commit to the foodie lifestyle and even start an Instagram account to share the vast insights and expertise you’ve gained.


Get Out and Explore

It’s finally Spring so get outside!! Ride a bike. Take the dog for a walk. Plant new flowers. Do a little research to see if there are any parks or nature preserves around that you haven’t yet explored (they’re secretly hiding everywhere). Added Bonus: Photo Ops that’ll make people envious of your staycation.


Workout From Home

Spring Break is the perfect time to start getting back into shape, so you’ll be looking (and feeling) your best. And guess what? You can do it without even having to leave the house!

Get inspo and spice up your workout with one of the numerous fitness apps, YouTube videos, etc. For instance, check out this video to see how to get Ariana Grande’s abs!


New Looks + Spring Cleaning

We know, cleaning sucks, butttt there’s a plus here. If you’re looking for something crafty to do or it feels like a good time to reinvent your personal style, go through your closet and find clothes you don’t want anymore. Here’s where it gets fun: instead of throwing away old floral printed shirts, colorful corduroy, or denim that just doesn’t fit like it used to – think patches. Cut up your old clothes in any shape and sew them on any and everything!! Pants, jackets, t-shirts, denim shirts, bags, pencil cases, dog sweaters, sneakers…express yourself.