Taylor Swift Looks Exactly Like Her Grandmother

There's a pic to prove it

When Taylor Swift said last year that she thinks people need a break from her, she clearly meant it. T-Swift is officially MIA. It’s been SIX weeks since we’ve heard from her on any social platform, and we haven’t seen a paparazzi photo of her in ages. What are you wearing after the gym, Taylor!? I must know!!

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But what does the Internet do when Tay has gone missing? Clearly, they scroll back 286 weeks in her Instagram and discover a vintage photo of her grandmother. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The pic, posted by Taylor over five years ago, has her fans going wild. The two sure are a spitting image of each other. Take a look:

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What do you think? Carbon copy or just an insanely beautiful granny? Let us know in the comments below.

PS: Taylor, come back to us. We miss you.

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