Teen Going to Prom Was Mistaken for a Real Life Princess

The video is too cute for words

Oh, prom season, don’t ever leave us! From the most adorable boyfriend crying over his beautiful date to this epic promposal, we just can’t get enough. And lucky for us, there are still plenty of prom happenings rolling in. Just a few weeks ago, Kwani Taylor was at the Raleigh Rose Gardens taking pictures with her prom date when an adorable little girl mistook her for a real life princess. *cue the awwwws*

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It’s easy to see why the little girl mistook her for a fairytale female. Kwani donned a full-length pastel pink gown with a sparkly silver bodice. After the little girl told Kwani she liked her dress, Kwani embraced the mini onlooker, pulling her in for a magical hug.

Kwani, who would soon attend Enloe Magnet High School‘s prom, posted the interaction on her Facebook, and it didn’t take long for it to go viral. As of writing this article, the video has over 71k shares.

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