The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks

Because no hero can act alone

When we think back on all those great Disney movies that made up our childhood, the princesses and princes and villains usually carry all the credit. But that’s not fair. Almost all of them had a person by their side that helped them win the fight and get to that happily ever after. This post celebrates the ten best sidekicks of Disney movies:

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10. Abu (& Iago) from Aladdin

Before Aladdin met Genie and had to roam the streets, he had practically no one by his side except for his loyal monkey Abu. He would steal food for them, and help Al in his elaborate escape schemes. He really got a friend in Abu. (Special mention to parrot Iago for doing basically the same things for evil Jafar).

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The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: abu

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The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: iago

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09. The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I mean, they’re in the title! Snow White would have been lost in that forest, probably without food or water, if she hadn’t stumbled upon the Dwarfs’ cottage. They gave her a home and a place to stay hidden while the Evil Queen was looking for her, and kept her body intact until the Prince came to wake her up. Squad goals.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: the seven dwarfs

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08. Gus & Jack from Cinderella

It’s a common thing for Disney characters to find best friends and confidants in animals. Gus and Jack were basically some of the few friends that Cindy had in the mansion she was forced to serve. She would feed them and clothe them, and in return, they would sow a dress and make sure the Prince got the right fit for the glass slipper. That’s friendship.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: gus and jack

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07. Flounder & Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

While some sidekicks take part in the heroes’ mischiefs, others serve more as a voice of reason and try to keep them in the right path. Enter Flounder and Sebastian, who want to protect Ariel from the dangers of the land world, and stay under the sea with them.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: flounder and sebastian

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06. Mushu from Mulan

Other sidekicks don’t want to be sidekicks at first and are roped into the adventure along with the heroes. This is the case from Mushu, who is forced to join Mulan into the Chinese army under the Ancestors’ order. Little did he imagine that he would become one of her strongest assets.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: mushu

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05. Olaf from Frozen

Anna wanted to build a snowman and her wish was granted in the form of Olaf, an adorable and instant-classic sidekick that follows her and Kristoff to look for Princess Elsa. He’s as good a comic relief as they get, especially once we realize his biggest desire is to experience summer. Oh, buddy.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: olaf

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04. Cogsworth and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

Talk about matchmakers. These servants-turned-furniture from the castle knew Belle was the one to break the curse the moment she walked into the castle, and from that moment they tried everything they could to make her feel at home, soften the Beast’s heart, and eventually make them fall in love. All that, plus an impressive song and dance number with dishes!

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: cogsworth and lumiere

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03. Tinker Bell from Peter Pan

Less of a sidekick, and more a jealous girlfriend, Tinker Bell is Peter Pan’s right hand and most trusted confidant. That is until Wendy comes along and Peter begins to have eyes for another girl. Yes, Tinker might have betrayed them, but she learned her lesson at the end, and became in the process the most iconic Disney fairy of them all.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: tinkerbell

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02. Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio

Jiminy, who serves as the movie‘s narrator, was given a big task when the Blue Fairy assigned him to be Pinnochio’s conscience. He was to guide him through the good path, and teach him to make wise decisions with just “a little whistle.” Pinnochio strides away from the path a couple of times, but Jiminy was always there to look after him, even in the most dangerous of situations.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: jiminy cricket

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01. Timon & Pumbaa from The Lion King

They’re sidekicks. They’re best friends. They’re Simba’s adoptive family. No one has done more for a hero than the-now immortal pair of meerkat and warthog, when they rescued Simba from a sure death in the desert, took him in, and taught him all about the Hakuna Matata lifestyle. Still, when Simba returned to claim his rightful spot, they were right there beside him, hula skirt and all.

The 10 Best Disney Sidekicks: timon and pumbaa

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