The 7 Best Internships for Introverts

It's your time to shine

Starting a new internship is nerve-wrecking for any student, but for introverted students, it can seem super scary. Introverts might wonder how will their voice, including their talents, be heard in such a loud world? First off, it’s important to remember there’s nothing wrong with being introverted in the workplace. Your quiet, introspective nature is, in fact, essential to many jobs. But it’s important to find the right internship that will make the most of your unique abilities, and allow you to thrive.

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Here are the best area of internships for those who are on the shy side.

1. Animal Service

As an introvert, you love to spend time with furry creatures of the four-legged kind (it’s probably because introverts tend to be empathetic and sensitive souls). Look for an internship at a veterinarian office, animal shelter, or animal hospital. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their day working with adorable cats and dogs?

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2. Archivist

Introverts tend to be voracious readers who love nothing more than a good book and their fave cup of caffeine. Interning at a library or at a museum as an archivist would probably suit you to a tee. Interactions with others is minimal, and those who excel at organization would feel right at home. Plus: it’s QUIET.


3. Graphic Design

Do you prefer the company of your Adobe Photoshop over humans? Then you’ll probably excel at an internship in a graphic designing firm. Enjoy solitude while you help design beautiful things. While you’ll have to communicate with some humans, your graphic art skills is what really counts. Sounds like a dream to us.

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4. Film/Video Editing

If you love Netflix and chillin’ by your lonesome, then working behind the scenes as a film/video editor might be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll help out in the cutting room quietly watching videos, and then putting together packages that make the final product more appealing and watchable to the audience. Best part? The spotlight is never on you.

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5. Accounting

Good with numbers? Well, if math is your jam, you might want to look at an internship with an accountant firm. You’ll not only be responsible for some number crunching, but you’ll also help out keeping detailed records and documents for clients without any forced interaction. Just you and a calculator, love. Score!


6. Social Media

You might think that an internship with the word “social” wouldn’t be such a good choice for an introvert. However, it’s actually pretty perfect. While you might have to communicate with people via your fave social media platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat, you’re not having that IRL human-to-human interaction. Plus, you get to Snap all day. Fun!


7. Writing/Editing

Probably the most popular introverted internship position ever, writing and editing are definitely solo activities. In addition to writing, transcribing and light editing, internships at magazines might include interviews, but you can ask to it via phone or email. For the most part, it’ll be just you, your thoughts, and a keyboard, and you’re good to go.


Even if you end up getting an internship somewhere not mentioned on this list (maybe even somewhere where you’ll end up working amongst many extroverted personalities!), no need to fear. You’re introverted nature gives you a lot of valuable, special qualities and you are totally going to rock that internship!