We Went to The Attention Room and This is What It’s Like

Charlie Puth knows how to put together a show

Charlie Puth‘s new single “Attention” has been on repeat since it came out last week. We’re OBSESSED! So when we got the chance to visit The Attention Room, you bet we were first in line.

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The room was made to release Charlie’s new single and while it looks super cool, galactic, and gives some pretty cool disco vibes, there’s actually more to the room than meets the eye.

Each phase of the song has a different rhythm visually. At some points, the lights are pretty slow moving while the music is a bit slower. Then, when the energy picks up, so do the lights! It turns out the lights actually represent our brains! When we get attention or are happy, our brains release a chemical called Dopamine. So pretty much, the Attention Room is a visual representation of our brains when we’re getting a little extra attention. And I just have to say, it’s pretty freakin’ cool!

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When we got there, immediately we headed straight for the lights! The song blasted over the speakers and we couldn’t help but dance!


Being inside The Attention Room made us feel like we were living in a music video! It was SO much fun! The Attention Room is located at 8017 Melrose Ave but it closes this Sunday, April 30th. So make sure to head over ASAP if you live in the Los Angeles area so you can get some dope Instagram photos! You can search through #TheAttentionRoom hashtag for a little inspiration.

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