The Awesome Benefits of Being Single During the Holidays

'Tis the season to fly solo

While some Christmas movies try to convince us that the holidays aren’t worth celebrating if you don’t have a significant other in your life, we know that’s far from the truth. Being single over the holidays means more time to do allll the fun things you want to do without any of the stress and drama that this time of year often brings.

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Here are some of the verrrry best benefits of being single during the holidays.


1. You have OPTIONS when it comes to kissing under the mistletoe

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There’s a lot of mistletoe out there, and guess what that means? You can kiss anyone you want to under it! From that Justin Bieber lookalike at your BFF’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party to the Zayn Malik twin at your cousin’s annual party, you can kiss as many — or as little — baes this month without any guilt.


2. You don’t have to buy any dumb guy gifts

OK, if you had a cute, charming boyfriend in your life, you would rally and head to the mall and pick out the best pair of nerdy Star Wars socks you could find for him. But you don’t. Oh well. Now you can spend that extra money on a gift for your bestie, your fave teacher, or even yourself!


3. You can do ANYTHING you want over the holidays

Being coupled up means splitting the holidays between your bae’s family and your own, which means coordinating schedules and doing lots of compromising, often leading to major stress and anxiety (no wonder many couples fight and breakup during the holidays). But you don’t have to worry about that. Stay in bed all day with Netflix, or meet your squad at the local ice skating rink for some winter fun. It’s all about YOU!


4. You can focus more on spending time with your family

Focusing on your fam jam is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as a single person. Sure, your parents are annoying sometimes, and your little brother is a total weirdo, but they’re your family of weirdos and you have to admit: you do love them. So suggest a game night or two of playing Scrabble or Taboo, or watching your fave Christmas movie together. After all, fun family time isn’t THAT bad.


5. You can wear sweatpants all day, everyday

While your coupled up friends stress over wearing the most sparkly and cutest clothes ever to impress bae and bae’s family, you can sit back and relax and stay in your cozy loungewear for…as long as you want. No uncomfortable tights or halter tops for you — just a generous elastic band around your waist and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to change clothes if you want (but you probably should at some point though).


6. You can be a new you in the New Year

Unhappy with your love life this year? Take stock of all the pros and cons of your relationship experience over the past 12 months, and write down everything you’ve learned about yourself — because, trust us, you’ve learned A LOT. Then remember that a new year means new people, new opportunities, and a new you — and maybe even a new love!