The Best Christmas Ornaments for Foodies

Warning: Your Tree Might Make You Hungry

Not only does your favorite food taste delicious, but it also looks adorable hanging on your Christmas tree. These food-shaped tree ornaments looks almost good enough to eat. They make a great gift for your foodie friend. You know, the girl you call when you’re in the mood for pizza because she’s always down. They’re also a perfect stocking stuffer for your family members!

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A hand-painted cupcake or avocado looks unique among all of the snowflakes and glass bulbs. After browsing this assortment, your mouth will be watering.


Anyone who loves camping or was a girl scout will love this decoration. The marshmallow is perfectly toasted and the graham crackers glitter.

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This pearly shrimp looks ready to eat.


Hot Sauce

Everything’s better with hot sauce, including your Christmas tree.



This pink cupcake will look adorable on any tree. The sprinkles look so real.



Because who doesn’t love pizza?


Holly berries are out, strawberries are in.



This wasabi won’t leave your mouth on fire.



This light green color of this trendy vegetable (or fruit?) is so festive.



Decorate your tree with this slab of bacon. Ron Swanson would be proud.


Featured Image Source via Epicurious