The Best Holiday Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

It's written in the stars


From personality traits to who you’re most compatible with, horoscopes can reveal a lot about a person. Which is why it’s not surprising that knowing someone’s zodiac sign can help with your holiday shopping.

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Though not every person will want the exact things on this list, knowing the general persona and tastes of each sign will help your holiday shopping go much more smoothly.

Below are gifts perfectly suited for each zodiac sign.


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What do you get for the sign that’s a born competitor but is also known as the “younger sibling” of the zodiac? A trivia game, of course!

Ridley’s Pop Culture Trivia Game, Urban Outfitters, $12. 



Your fave Taurus loves her comfort, and usually doesn’t want to move from her holiday hibernation — which is why she’ll love these cozy pajamas. The perf attire for her lazy holiday. 

Koala Plush PJ Jumpsuit, Forever 21, $29.90.



Known for having minds that are constantly working as well as a passion for all things tech, your Gemini will love to indulge their inner shutterbug.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, Amazon, $59.95. 



Cancers look forward to their downtime indoors alone, while staying as cozy as possible. Indulge them with a gorgeously scented candle — one of their favorite things in the world.

Winter 3-Wick Candle, Bath & Body Works, $24.50.



Leos live for anything luxe and sensual. Luckily, a robe like this one will do the job without costing $$$.

Satin Kimono, H&M, $29.99.



Virgos are known for living life inside the lines, which is why they’ll appreciate the meticulousness of a coloring book. They’re all about precision.

Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition & Coloring Book, Michaels, $16.95.



Libras appreciate the finer and more delicate things in life. They don’t like flashy, but they do appreciate shiny, pretty things.

Pearly Earrings, Zara, $15.90. 



Scorpios are intense individuals with tons of secrets — it’s no wonder they have so many diaries. You might as well add another (pretty) one to their collection.

Kate Spade Initial Notebook, Kate Spade, $16.



Sags are notorious for their wanderlust. Help them get prepared with this travel pillow so they can grab it in a pinch whenever they need to satisfy their travel itch.

Plush Croissant Travel Pillow, Houzz, $16.67.



Capricorns not only love timeless fashion pieces, but they also love to be on time. Gift them something punctual and precious, like this watch.

Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch, Amazon, $98.98.



The Aquarius in your life is definitely quirky with a flair for fashion. Add to her funky sock collection with these cute pairs.

5-Pack Sushi Print Ankle Socks, Forever 21, $5.90. 



The spiritual Pisces in your life is no doubt already a yogi, or at least a wannabe one. Bring her closer to zen with this groovy, graphic-print mat.

Gaia Printed Mat, Amazon, $22. 

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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